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May 20, 2021 4 min read

Flowers, with their lovely colors and appearance, speak volumes in and of themselves. Each flower has its significance and symbolism. Flowers have long been used to convey emotions, according to history, and this tradition will continue indefinitely. Flowers were used to conveying feelings in Victorian days when words and gestures collapsed. Today, many couples continue this romantic tradition by creating bouquets and centerpieces of flowers whose interpretations are meaningful to them. While flowers associated with love, such as roses and carnations, are common, there are many other significant characteristics to remember, such as:

  • Daffodil for new beginnings
  • Iris for showing confidence
  • Hydrangea symbolize perseverance

Flowers to show your inner personalities:

It seems a real challenge to narrow down the options for the best wedding day flowers at first. Sola wood flowers have provided even more freedom to choose flowers with so much inspiration and no seasonal or budget restrictions. It is also a challenge to pick the flowers according to your wedding vision and date. But fortunately, woodflowers.com is here to guide you about the wedding flowers that represent both of you as a couple. Either you are a fun-loving, romantic, or even sober kind of couple, choose petals that reflect your nature as a couple on your big day.

These flower colors and styles give deep meaning and signify you're collective nature:

·       Blindly fallen in love!

Suppose you and your significant other are madly in love with each other and are hopeless romantics. In that case, your wedding site will undoubtedly be wrapped in flower that is considered most romantic. This famous petal has long been associated with love and beauty, and it's frequently used to symbolize emotion, passion, and true love. Since your love tale is legendary, it only fits that you decorate your wedding with the most romantic flower of all time.

Choosing sola wooden roses allows you to use them in all kinds of complicated and straightforward floral arrangements without being worried about their wilting or drying. Sola wood roses are shockingly inexpensive, allowing you a wide range of choices on your wedding day. You can add wooden roses to your bouquet, boutonnieres, and centerpieces with the help of your florist. Consider investing in one or two statement installations, such as a ceremony arch or a lush flower wall packed with vibrant roses, to transform your wedding spot.

·       Wandering souls!

Are you free souls who always remain in search of escaping from a regular routine and want to lose in nature? Then pampas grass is all that boho couples look for. For a laid-back and earthy wedding vibe, pampas grass is a must item. Clusters of pampas grass transform your wedding venue into an oasis-like chic venue.

Start by lining your ceremony aisle with clusters of feathered pampas grass and dried palm leaves. Of course, you can add colors with sola wood flowers and green plants if you desire, like spiky cacti and muted blush roses. But don't worry; different varieties of pampas grass can make enough impact on their own. This trendy kind of floral substitute will seriously impress your guests.

·       Domestic kind of homebodies!

Peonies are the perfect flowers for self-proclaimed homebodies. It's the ideal bloom for couples who'd just postpone plans and curl up on the sofa with takeout and a classic movie. Lush clusters of delicate ivory and blush peonies decorate your wedding venue most elegantly and traditionally. Real peonies can be on the more expensive side so that you can pair them with other romantic flowers like garden roses, ranunculus, dahlias, or anemones. If you wish to have only peonies all around you on your special day, pick the sola wood version of this graceful bloom.

·       Adventure lovers!

You are adventure people who just don't settle with norms and belong to a conventional person. You don't believe in getting things done and can't settle in a comfort zone; then wildflowers are the blooms for your wedding. Adventure addicts don't need elaborate floral arrangements to make their wedding day feel special. They trust in nature and pick wildflowers, and the basic elegance of wildflower clusters is likely to enchant them even more.

Daffodils, cornflowers, poppies, and daisies provide perfect, wild vibes to a wedding. These flowers can be weaved in airy stems of baby's breath, and greenery leaves to add texture and form.

·       Foodie kind of people!

Lavenders are edible flowers, and it makes sense to use this beautiful flower at a wedding of a couple who is all about fine dining. This versatile plant, which has a rich purple shade, can be used on the wedding menu and the venue decor. This unique bloom is ideal for couples ready to play with their wedding style. This lovely plant looks great with baby's breath clusters, fern roots, light purple garden roses, or even eucalyptus leaves. Several clusters of this wispy perennial have a rich fragrance that can render wedding guests speechless at the wedding. This aromatic herb has a robust flavor that goes along with other bold flavors like orange and mint, but it's equally unforgettable in its floral shape.

·       Tourist kind of persons!

For this kind of couple, marriage is like a journey to find a companion to travel with. To add the essence of the tropics to their big day, they don't have to whisk their guests away to a flashy place. By using the design elements like wedding furniture, paints, and of course, sola wood floral, they can represent their wanderlust.

Using tropical flowers such as orchids, protea, anthurium, ranunculus, and hibiscus, the required feel can be achieved. Regardless of the time of year, rich hues of pink, green, red, and yellow lend a wedding day a more bright and summery feel. To enhance the tropical style, incorporate additional greenery such as ferns, monster leaves, succulents, and waxy green palms.

·       The jolly people:

Are you a couple full of charm and charisma?

It would help if you had wedding flowers that reflect your bright and joyful personalities. Sunflowers are the blooms that ideally represent you as a couple. Sunflowers can be incorporated into your wedding plan in various ways, including ceremony decor, reception centerpieces, and even your wedding cake.


Now you are pretty much familiar with your kind of flowers for your wedding. Choose one option that describes you perfectly as a couple and create memories that last forever – just like sola wood flowers.

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