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November 25, 2019 2 min read

There are many things that you can create with Sola Wood Flowers! The Possibilities are literally endless. What ever you can imagine you can create it! Here are few thing that we recommend you try first when you begin your sola wood flower mastery! 

Wood Flower Bouquets

Wooden flower bouquets are one of the most magnificent things you can make with sola wood flowers. They are great for weddings! You can make small bridesmaid bouquets or large cascading bouquets that are breathtaking. The great thing about sola wood is that it will last a lifetime! Here are the steps to making a Wooden Bridal Bouquet.
  1. Dye the flowers. You can dye your flowers in multiple colors, it is good to dye many flowers so that you have lots to choose from when making your arrangement. 
  2. Attach your stems to the dyed flowers. Attaching the stems take some time but will give you a great base to build on. 
  3. Arrange your stemmed flowers with mixed greenery and wrap them together with strong lace or burlap.
  4. Celebrate an amazing wedding!

We offer fully complete wedding bouquets that everyone will love! Ordering from WoodFlowers.com is easy! Call us today!


Wooden Roses

Old hard wooden roses are a thing of the past with new sola wooden roses. Our wood roses are durable, flexible, and come in any color you can imagine! You can order your wood roses from WoodFlowers.com call now!

Our wooden roses are nothing like the old chunky roses they are lightweight and look like real roses! Our expert designers can make them in beautiful arrangements for you!

Wooden Corsages

It is hard to justify spending a lot of money on a beautiful corsage that is just going to die within a few days or even hours. Things have changed! Get a sola wood corsage that will last a lifetime! Use it again and again. The best part it is, it’s the same price as the old disposable ones and sola wood is just as beautiful! Trust WoodFlowers.com to make a magnificent corsage that you will love forever!


Wooden Boutonnieres

Boutonniere’s tend to die very quickly. Even by the end of the night they are droopy and quite sad looking. They are also very heavy for the comfortable shirt. Spend your money on something that will not only look great at the end of the night but for years to come. Our sola wooden boutonniere’s are fashionable, lightweight, and durable. No more droopy flowers. Get your boutonnier’s from WoodFlowers.com they last a lifetime.

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