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August 17, 2021 5 min read

The first day of Valentine's Week is usually dedicated to Rose Day. Giving a rose to someone special in your life, like your girlfriend/boyfriend, a partner or a devoted friend is a way to express your love. Roses are simply unconditional flowers for happy moments. Rose Day is also a wonderful day to put the past behind you and make amends with someone you hold a grudge against. Give this individual a white rose as a peace offering and tell them you no longer want to be on bad terms with them.

The day is ideal for confessing long-held sentiments to the person you care about. It's a day to finally develop courage and express yourself to that one individual. You may say whatever you want with different colored flowers. Rose Day is a time to form new connections and strengthen existing ones. Roses may be given to the people you care about, including friends and relatives. It's a method of showing your appreciation for each other's affection.

Who started Rose Day?

The Victorians are thought to have begun the tradition of sending flowers to express unspoken sentiments. As a result, the red rose has come to be associated with love and passion. Its seemingly endless history only equals this lovely bloom's magnificence. Cleopatra is supposed to have greeted Marc Antony with a chamber covered in rose petals. The rose was revered in ancient times because it symbolized Aphrodite or Venus to the Greeks, the purest emblem of beauty and love.

So, how do you spend your Rose Day?

Here are a few suggestions from woodflowers.com about celebrating rose day in the most meaningful way:

·        Room decoration with candles and roses

This Rose Day, decorating your room may be an excellent way to express your love. Decorate with lovely candles and flower petals to surprise her. Spend romantic time with your significant other and respect who they are. It may be an attractive method to communicate all your feelings for them.

So, to surprise the love of your life, adorn your home with flower petals and candles. Make them feel unique. These kinds of surprises usually happen in people's hearts. Make a lovely one for your lover. Wishing your spouse a rose day in this manner might have a significant influence on them.

·        Have some adventure:

Doing something daring is another way to commemorate Rose Day. To have a great day with your friends, plan an exciting journey or a sport. Go air-scooting, paragliding, or skiing with your partner to add some sporting excitement to your relationship.

This may be fantastic if you enjoy the adventure. It is necessary to have some fun now and again. This kind of adventure allows you to form new relationships while also strengthening existing ones. You may surprise your loved one with a flower petal décor on the ground while scoot ring in the air. While flying, your companion may see it. Consider this once-in-a-lifetime day opportunity for both of you! So, be adventurous and try new things.

Rose Day is a significant day during Valentine's Week. It is one of the seven days of love, which is why people rejoice and adore it. It's a whole different sensation to plan surprises for your loved one or send flower bouquets. Because you want to see your spouse pleased, you like planning. So, on this Rose Day, share the love and make your spouse happy by making unforgettable romantic memories!

Rose Day Gifts that you can present to your partner:

·        Rose as a boutonniere and corsage:

Men and women can wear flowers in a variety of styles. Every male may wear his favorite color rose as a boutonniere on this particular day, and girls can wear it as a corsage or put it up in their hair. This looks best when worn with a formal or semi-formal ensemble.

·        A Rose Candle: 

It's always a good idea to maintain our minds fresh and our souls sound by surrounding ourselves with a lovely aroma. So either choose a rose-scented candle or seek rose-shaped candles this time. If both of these options appear too basic, we offer a far superior alternative for you. Remove the lid from a fragrant jar candle that has your partner's favorite smell. Put some freshly purchased roses in the jar and give it to your sweetheart as a beautiful dual-scented gift with a bit of effort.

·        A Rosey Scrapbook:

Another great way to break into your partner's heart is making a simple scrapbook with your favorite photos of the two of you, as well as other people's. Arrange these photos in the scrapbook in the order that they were taken: when you were strangers when you were friends, when you had a crush on each other when you were a loving couple, and ultimately when you were married. All you have to do is buy a rose for each stage and pin it to the scrapbook.

·        Red Dress Code:

When we say its Rose Day, the color red trends. A clothing code encourages people to come together to celebrate an event. A vital component of every festival or formal occasion is clothing. It's the first thing you notice, and everyone wearing the same color scheme creates a sense of oneness.

·        A Rose Jewel:

Including Roses in jewellery is another method to keep the incredible sensation alive for a more extended period. At home, you may make authentic flower pendants, earrings, rings, bangles, and brooches with miniature sola wood roses. To complete the project, all you need is a resin solution, some glitter, some mould, and a few sola wood flowers or their petals. Begin creating the jewellery by pouring the resin solution into a mould and mixing in the glitter. After that, add flower petals to the solution and top it over with a bit more. Dry it out under the dryer and secure it with a safety pin or a chain.

·        Red Rose:

When we talk of love, the first thing that springs to mind is a red rose. It is, without question, at the top of the list of rose day presents. It's a great flower to use to express your love because it represents deep feelings. It's a traditional rose day gift. Red flowers and romanticism are inextricably linked. When words fail you, say everything with a crimson rose. The message is simple – I Love You – whether a single flower or an entire bouquet. The vibrant hue represents the unbreakable tie that exists between lovers.

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