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April 21, 2021 4 min read

Flowers make an event a perfect memory!

The flowers you choose for your event are influenced by the type of event you're hosting, the target crowd, and the location. However, you can find that some blooms are common all year and go well with various settings.

Flowers are not all for family parties, contrary to common opinion. In reality, these natural and fresh elements' inclusion supports a wide range of corporate event styles:

Flowers for the Gala and ceremonies:

Galas and ceremonies are the types of gatherings where something is a bit exaggerated and over-the-top in the most beautiful way possible, which is why flowers are a must. Different ceremonies or galas also make imaginative and exclusive floral arrangements the event's main focal point.

·        Flowers for Weddings:

Weddings are simply incomplete without flowers. The beauty, elegance, and scents of delicate blooms make the wedding ceremonies more intimidated and dreamy. From bridal bouquets to boutonnieres, wedding arch decorations to centerpieces and even wedding vehicle, nothing looks complete without flowers.

Wedding flower trends vary from year to year, with colors and designs usually following fashion and home decor trends. Many couples choose to pick flowers in accordance with the season of their wedding. However, red roses (which represent passionate love) and peonies (which represent a happy life, happiness, and good fortune) are perennial favorites for wedding bouquets and arrangements. With changing wedding trends, sola wood blooms are taking the place of real wedding flowers. These flowers are made from the natural bark of the balsa tree. Sola wood flowers are affordable, durable, long-lasting and available in all seasons in a countless variety of colors.

If a couple wants to personalize the message their flowers send on their wedding day, here are the meanings of some other common wedding flowers:

  • Amaryllis symbolize love and determination
  • Calla lilies are the symbols of regal and elegant
  • Gardenias are representatives of joy and happiness
  • Hydrangeas are the flowers that represent perseverance and heartfelt emotion

·        Party Flowers:

Birthday celebrations, religious events, and anniversary parties are all benefit from a floral flair. This event style gives you the most floral design flexibility because you are not constrained by branding or marketing/sales targets. Diving into nearly unlimited opportunities can be frustrating, but it is possible to ease the process by searching a few inspiring photos and seeing what they have in common. Birthday bouquets or party flowers should be selected depending on the recipient's favorite flowers or ones that represent a particular feature. Aside from yellow roses, here are several other flowers to consider for a birthday bouquet or other party blooms:

  • Forget-me-nots mean remember me forever
  • Geraniums are a symbol of comfort and true friendship
  • Jasmine show grace and elegance
  • Pink carnations are for gratitude
  • Red chrysanthemums are perfect for showing sharing and "I love you".

·        Flowers for special events and occasions:

There are many special occasions rather than wedding or birthdays in everyone's life such as wedding anniversaries, baby or bridal showers, new job, promotions, buying a new house or car etc. Almost every flower would do, but remember the symbolism of those varieties to make it much more special:

  • Camellia can be chosen for excellence and finesse
  • Daffodils can be your choice for truth and forgiveness
  • Daisies are for innocence and playfulness
  • Dahlias show change and excitement
  • Iris are basically a traditional 25th-anniversary flower symbolizing faith, wisdom, and valor
  • Orchids are ambassadors of beauty, charm, love, luxury, and strength

·        Valentine's Day flowers:

On Valentine's Day, lovers traditionally give flowers that symbolize their deep love, affection, and warmth of relationship. With all of its lovely hues, the red rose remains the most iconic flower today as red roses represent passion. Other options could be:

  • White roses for chaste devotion 
  • Yellow roses represent friendship, while coral roses symbolize love.
  • Roses in pink signify respect
  • Primroses symbolize new love and new beginnings

·        Mother's Day Flowers:

Mother's Day is a tribute to mothers' selfless love, devotion, and commitment to their children. It's easy to choose a flower for Mother's Day, and all you have to do is pick her preference. Roses, lilies, and orchids are often used in Mother's Day bouquets. Here are a few ideas:

  • Gerbera daisies symbolize happiness
  • Lily-of-the-Valley for sweetness and pure love 
  • Sunflowers for adoration
  • Tulips in red are a declaration of affection
  • Tulips in yellow show a sunny grin
  • White lilacs evoke the joy of childhood and the purity of youth

·        Sympathy flowers:

Sympathy flowers are a lovely and tasteful way to express sympathy and support for a loved one who has passed away. If you can't see them or attend the service, giving a condolences bouquet to the bereaved lets they know you're thinking about them. These floral gifts will share your heartfelt condolences in a truly touching show, no matter which arrangement you pick.

Funeral boxes, standing sprays, wreaths, crosses, and hearts are only a few of the available floral funeral arrangements. Here are several flowers to send as sympathy arrangements, along with their meanings:

  • Chrysanthemums celebrate an entire life
  • Crimson roses display grief and sorrow
  • Gladioli for spiritual honesty, sincerity, and strength of character
  • Lilies show returned purity to the beloved soul
  • Pink carnations show nostalgia
  • Red carnations show admiration 
  • Red roses are for respect, passion, and courage 
  • White roses give the message of reverence


Flowers in bouquets and single flowers are ideal for almost every occasion, from births to funerals. If you offer a single long-stemmed red rose or a bouquet of different blooms, you're expressing feelings that words can't always describe.

Whatever method you use to build your floral arrangement, keep in mind that you'll need to make sure your floor plan is flawless, so you know exactly where your flowers will end up. Also, for some extra inspiration, check out some lovely budget-friendly event centerpieces, as well as some ideas for incorporating other interesting event decor features, such as candles.

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