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August 11, 2020 4 min read

Explore psychological facts about giving and taking flowers!

‘’Flowers are the best gift we can give to someone special because the smile glowers will bring to their face is very precious.’’

Can you remember that moment when someone gave you flowers, or you gave flowers to someone?

Do you remember how this entire feeling was?

Surely the answer is a big YES.

For sure, there is no one who is not instantly cheered up by a gift of flowers. Flowers bring instant happiness in our life, there fragrance, appearance, and colors make us cheered up within no time. The impact of getting or giving flowers is worth some thought. A feeling of being unique is the most heavenly experience in everyone’s life. Receiving flowers unexpectedly simply brings a glow of happiness. All of a sudden, you forget about the difficulties and miseries of life.

Human emotions are so complicated and necessary. Sometimes, it becomes hard to be in tune with our own feelings when we lead such a busy and stressful life. In this entire hassle bustle, flowers can be an instant mood lifter. Brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, dopamine are released when we give a positive reaction to flowers. This triggering of happy brain chemicals are responsible for feelings of being loved, bonding, excitement, care, and genuine happiness. 

In many ways, flowers bring joy to our lives. Our little efforts of giving flowers to our beloved on random occasions make them feel happy and energetic. Such as:

"Giving flowers to your mother or your lady love on casual occasions."

Their spontaneous surprised, happy, and fantastic act makes you feel satisfied because of how she reacts. A flower bouquet is an excellent gesture of appreciation for someone important to you. Even it is great to get yourself flowers. According to a latest study, buying flowers for your home or room, or just getting the flowers as a treat for you is a beautiful form of self-care.

Exposure to flowers:

Excessive stress is the leading cause of health problems in today’s society. Heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other diseases have become an unavoidable part of our lives. Flowers are the best stress reducers that can be used to prevent diseases from happening in the first place.

Many physicians suggest having a walk in a garden full of flowers regularly reduces the risk of being depressed. It is also helpful in achieving peace of mind. It doesn’t mean that it’s time to sell your house and start living in a cabin in the woods. Simply bring a part of nature inside your homes and offices in the form of flowers.

Is this happiness only associated with real flowers?

Real flowers are simply amazing. Their gratifying fragrance and unavoidable appearance directly impact human psychology, and we feel calm, relaxed, and happy. There is another side of the picture too. We love flowers and are happy to see them fresh, bright, and blooming.

The wilting, drying and dying of flowers make us feel sad and miserable. The human brain reacts according to what it experiences. When we see real flowers start wilting, a pang of unexplainable guilt and sadness appear inside us. We wish to see them blossoming and blooming forever. That is the reason dried flowers make us uncomfortable, sad, and depressed.

Artificial flowers are also an option:

As technology progressed, we have found thousands of ways to deal with the issues of nature effectively. Faux flowers are a new reality today!

Maybe it is a little confusing for you. Still, when you observe the beauty, elegance, and realistic appearance of sola wood flowers, it will be easy to understand. Sola flowers are the real substitutes of natural flowers that are also gifted by nature to us.

These are the flowers made from the shavings of the bark of balsa tree wood. Human experts have transformed this gift of nature into the flowers that are more real and durable than original flowers. These wooden blooms are so real in appearance, and no one can judge their real identity just by looking toward these blooms.

If you are thinking about the fragrance, then no need to worry. Sola wood blooms are suitable absorbents. You can use these blooms as incredible fragrance diffusers to enjoy any fragrance you love.

These flowers are completing hand-made, and no machines and complicated tools are required to make them. Sola wood flower making is also a helpful technique to release stress, depression, and tension. You can take it like a therapy that is used to make your brain feel calm and comfortable. Even dying of wooden blooms is such a relaxing and soothing experience. Dying of wooden flowers is also a straightforward task that people adopted as a hobby to feel better.

Sola flowers are easy to make and dye. Still, in addition to it, if you are not so handy in making or dying, these blooms simply get the flowers online and use these mimics of real blooms in different DIY art and craft activities to keep yourself busy. Teaching your kids about the making and dying of wooden flowers is also a healthy activity to create a better bonding between you and your kids. Undoubtedly it is an activity that will surely make your kids busy and happy, especially during this tough time of quarantine due to Covid-19.

Flowers are your best friends:

Flowers contribute to our peace of mind and happiness quietly. Giving and receiving flowers is not the only way these color pops bring us a sense of pleasure. The fragrances of particular flowers create a euphoric effect on us. 

Gardenias, Roses, and jasmine are the flowers that are the most popular, precisely because of their aromas. Flowers help us to connect with one another sincerely from our hearts. What’s great about flowers is that they give us positive vibes and encourage us to face the hurdles of life with strength. 

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