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March 03, 2021 4 min read

The blooms produced by an equal combination of nature and humans are the Sola wood flowers. These are flowers delivered by humans that come from the shaves of the balsa tree bark. These flowers imitate with so much precision the real blooms that when you meet the petals of sola wood flowers, it is difficult to distinguish between real and fake flowers.

Flowers are color bursts that we use for a wedding event to offer colorful and joyous vibes. A wedding without flowers is just like a colorless painting. For your wedding theme, Sola wood flowers double the color choices to select. These flowers are so spongy that it's easy to dye them in natural and artificial colors. So, if you're planning a wedding theme of a rustic, golden, or silver hue, sola wood flowers are there for you to make your wedding theme more than perfect.

Eternally present, always charming, artificial flowers in bridal bouquets deliver beauty, sophistication, and purity on your wedding day. These blooms never disappear. You're dreaming of sola wood flowers for wedding anniversary, but are you worried that deformed sola wood flowers are accused of having a bad taste? If you find your wooden blooms a little damaged or warped, then forget all the worries. Only by using pure water it is possible to reform these blooms. For you, DIY reform, dyeing, or arranging solo wood flower arrangements would be a nice experience. After all, you will demonstrate your imagination and artistic taste to the world on your big day. For your big day, here are several reasons to select sola wood flowers instead of actual flowers.

·       Hassle-Free:

The original flowers are stunning, but they're also very delicate and costly. To plan and decorate actual flower bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements, you need to wait until the day of your wedding. That could be so hectic. But you can complete all your arrangements days before your wedding with solo wood flowers and get relaxed for the wedding day. Using artificial flowers makes a dream come true with wedding flower shopping. From the comfort of your own home, you can order them online, send them to your front door, schedule them for your own time, and then forget about them until the wedding. Get them months ahead of time and make room in the busy weeks before your big day for other wedding planning goals.

·       Allergen-Free:

Did you spend a lifetime admiring flowers or suffering from sniffles from a distance because you felt it was the price you had to pay to enjoy a fresh bouquet? What if we told you that another alternative exists? On your special day, stop the stuffy and groggy feeling and fill your wedding with lush fake flowers. Artificial flowers, but without the pollen or scent, appear like new stems. For your guests who suffer from allergies, it is also helpful.

·       Wooden Flowers are Eco-Friendly:

Sola wood flowers are a fully organic material, which means they are a commodity that is natural and environmentally friendly. What's cool about Sola Wood is that it can be dyed for your wedding to match whatever color scheme you have in mind. The wood can be designed and arranged to imitate just about any sort of flower you have in mind, and the finished products will last for years!

This is not just an asset for the bride to be. Many wish to fill their homes with lovely, flourishing blooms, but this is prohibited by extreme allergies. You will fill your home with sola wood without having to deal with the symptoms of allergies.

·       Won’t wilt or fade:

Since these blooms are made from wood, you don't have to worry about them being dehydrated or droopy on your wedding day. On even the warmest of summer days, these robust blooms are made to last!

·       They last forever:

These flowers can stand the test of time, and long after the big day, they can be easily repurposed in your home as decor. They're not stiff or brittle, even though they're made of wood, and you won't have to worry about them rotting.

·       Realistic:

Many brides, florists, and DIY lovers prefer to worry that faux flowers look tacky or clearly appear fake. Woodflowers.com delivers high-quality wood flowers for wedding, offering a surprisingly realistic look. Your guests will have to take a second look... and feel! We had florists who once rejected the concept of using fake flowers, for their natural look and how easy they are to arrange, fell in love with them.

·       Low maintenance:

Instead of having to rush around to make sure the flowers are watered and not wilting in the sunshine, the squad will enjoy the wedding with sola wood flowers. When on holiday, there is no need to abandon your plants with a friend. Yesterday, you forgot to water your plants? With these fakers, that is not a concern! No watering, no soil, and no sunlight are needed for faux flowers. Artificial flowers have very little upkeep, but they are still beautiful!

·       Repurpose:

Repurpose your floral arrangements and live forever with the memory of the unique events of life. Take your wedding bouquet apart after the wedding, create a beautiful garland for your dining room table, or integrate it into a door wreath. You can also put your bouquet in a vase, and you've got a lovely new centerpiece now. Continue to use your sola wood flowers in new and fascinating ways all over your house, making new memories as you go.

You won't regret it, whatever your reason for selecting artificial flowers is! You would love to see how you use your flowers when decorating your life events if you want to go faux.

·       Home and Business Use:

From working to taking care of the girls, going to soccer practices on time, getting into your own daily workout, preparing dinner, making sure homework is done... you're busy with your everyday life. And do we really have to proceed? With a busy everyday life, watering and keeping up with your plants could be the last thing on your mind. Faux flowers and plants have such a hassle-free way to keep your home pretty. When your plants grow larger, no irrigation, no sunshine, no need to buy new soil and containers, and no attention at all!

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