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July 04, 2021 4 min read

There was a time when combining real and fake flowers in the same arrangement would have been unthinkable. Fake flowers were far too unrealistic to be paired with their real-life counterparts. Cheap plastic plants stood out against the delicate natural beauty of living plants because of their "artificial" character.

That concern is no longer valid, thanks to advancements in the fabrication of artificial flowers, plants, and trees. Artificial flowers and plants can now seem just as natural as their live counterparts, depending on the item's quality. If you get high-quality artificial plants from a trustworthy source, your fake flowers will seem real.

When to use only faux flowers?

Real flowers may not be the ideal option in some situations. Some folks require flowers that can last for an extended length of time. For example, if you are married early in the morning but don't have your reception until later in the day, your flowers will most likely be limp and faded by the time the celebration begins. In this scenario, sola wood flowers may be used to keep the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and other table decorations looking as fresh as they did when they were made.

Some individuals like silk flowers in their home arrangements since they last a long time and don't need to be watered every other day. They also don't leave dirt or water stains all over the house. However, most silk flowers may be simply renewed by washing away the dust, and they will look as good as the day they were placed.

There is a subset of persons who suffer from severe allergies and cannot be in the presence of live flowers. For example, there are two sisters who both enjoy arranging flowers. Later in adulthood, one of them acquired a severe allergy to live flowers, and she worried that she would have to give up her job. Fortunately, sola wood flowers have an appearance with which it is frequently impossible to tell the difference between a sola wood and a real flower arrangement. She was able to continue her profession and do what she loves best, which is arranging flowers.

There is no such thing as a season for sola wood or silk flowers. You may order any flower, in any quantity, at any time of year without worrying about whether or not it will be available for your event. These are compelling reasons to consider using silk or sola wood flowers in your bouquets. They will be beautiful and long-lasting, and most people will have to touch them to determine if they are living or faux.

Reasons to Mix Real & Fake Flowers

·       Longevity:

Live flowers have a short lifespan, and some blooms are more delicate than others. Artificial flowers are a wonderful alternative if you're hosting an all-day event and want to utilize flowers that don't fade soon. They will retain their attractiveness throughout the day, and you won't have to worry about them wilting.

·       Seasonality: 

Unfortunately, not all flowers are in bloom at the time you wish to utilize them. If you want to use lily of the valley in your arrangement in the fall, you'll have a hard time finding live ones. The best option is to use a fake lily of the valley. No one will tell the difference between the flowers you want and the ones you don't.

·       Cost:

Some flowers are just more expensive than others, and the higher the price, the shorter the flower's lifetime. Try replacing fake blossoms for the more expensive flowers in your budget if you want to keep costs down but still want that great look.

Blending tips:

·       Choose realistic blooms: 

If you're going to blend fake and live plants, go for the most lifelike flowers you can locate. Real flowers are rarely flawless, so choose artificial flowers with various colors and patterns that don't all look the same. Sola wood flowers are handmade, and they offer you this realistic effect as no two sola wood flowers can be identical. To give your fake plants the most genuine look, seek petals that vary in size and shape.

·       Choose natural colors:

Keep your artificial color choices in line with the natural color palette. While brilliant red lilacs are attractive, they are a dead giveaway that your arrangement is made up of artificial flowers. Select a color scheme for your arrangement that closely resembles those found outside.

The color of most plant material will alter somewhat. Some plants will undergo spectacular color changes! The only way to know if it'll work for your plants is to give it a go. You may also test whether adding food coloring to the water before immersing the plant material will offset the color change. Most colors become considerably more muted at the very least, although this may still make for a stunning arrangement.

·       Make them look natural:

Don't be afraid to bend or trim the stems of your fake flowers to give them a more natural appearance. On their stalks, real flower blossoms tend to droop or bend. Bend the wire stems of your fake flowers to make them droop like genuine flowers. Trim any foliage off the stems of your fake blossoms to match the stems of your live flowers if they, too, are devoid of foliage.

·       Final Mixing:  

To make lifelike silk/sola wood arrangements, use the same steps as you would when making a fresh cut arrangement. When dealing with fake flowers, all of the necessary factors when working with fresh flowers apply.

Consider the structure and its final goal carefully. Based on this, choose your colors and flowers. You should never put together an arrangement without doing your homework.

What will they be used for, what season will they be shown in, and what room will they be placed in? The answers to these questions will help you decide what colors to use, what sorts of flowers to use, and what size to make your final arrangement.

One of the best things about dealing with fake flowers is that you can usually place them exactly where you want them. This allows for the creation of real works of art using fake flowers.

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