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December 10, 2019 3 min read

With the wedding industry thriving just as much as ever, wooden flower bouquets have risen in popularity over the last few years. From being durable and affordable, to bringing something new and unique to your big day, wooden flowers are the perfect choice for wedding bouquets, corsages, centerpieces and more. Opting for hand-crafted wooden flowers can also be used for a range of different parties and anniversaries, giving your event that special something.

Today we have the top 6 reasons why people choose wooden flower bouquets for their event...

  1. Wooden flowers give you more choice! Deciding on wooden flower bouquets for your wedding or party means you can design the shape, size and pattern of your flowers so everything is absolutely perfect for your big day, exactly how you imagine it. This also means you are less limited and restricted, and can practically manufacture your own unique flower that represents you. You can even purchase a shape and colour pattern which doesn’t exist in the natural world, meaning it will be something your guests would have never seen before!


  1. Our wooden flower bouquets are made by hand. They are not made using machinery so this all but guarantees that each petal and stem is individual and unique, just like your special day. It also means the bouquets have a personal touch.



  1. The texture of wooden flowers is also very interesting; touching them can be rough and intriguing. This creates a much more sensual atmosphere, adds more fine detail and brings something new and different to your event. It also means that people, particularly children, can feel the flowers, without the worry of breaking the petals or leaves.


  1. The colours of wooden flower bouquets can be bright and vibrant if that’s something that appeals to you. The ink used to colour wooden flowers do not fade as fast as genuine flowers, even if the bouquets are in direct sunlight or exposed to warm temperatures. The pigment and vibrancy of coloured wooden flowers also show up great in photographs.


  1. Wooden flowers last a LOT longer than regular natural flowers. Weddings and organising parties is stressful enough without worrying about the flowers drooping and looking unattractive. You do not have this problem with wooden flower bouquets, because they can last for years after your event. Our flowers bring consistency, reliability, sturdiness and are less likely to break. With wooden flower bouquets, you and your guests can enjoy yourselves safe in the knowledge that your beautiful flowers will not deteriorate throughout the night.


  1. As our wooden flowers are long-lasting, this makes them good value for money. Traditional wedding flowers in particular can be very expensive, and are relatively short-term, only being used for one day. Whereas, wooden bouquets can be kept for years after your event. They can be re-used, sold, gifted, or just kept for sentimental reasons. Imagine being able to keep a small memory of your big day, the flowers looking just as fresh and detailed as ever, as if they were frozen in time. Additionally, the flowers can be used again for more events or anniversary parties. To have that personal, nostalgic value as a bonus, and to be able to re-use the flowers and not lose any of their quality or beauty, can make the purchase of wooden flowers much more reasonable and frugal.


There is a large variety of types of wooden flower bouquets here at WoodFlowers.com. We have everything to fit your wedding or party needs, appropriate for all occasions. No matter what kind of arrangement you are searching for, we’ll have something that is perfect for you.

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