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March 13, 2021 5 min read

Wedding celebrations are expensive on their own; among the most costly expenses at a wedding are the flowers. Flowers are essential, and there is no way to skip the expenses of flowers and floral decorations. Many couples feel so overwhelmed, and they have to make tough choices.

Brides wish to have roses but need to settle for carnations because of budget restrictions. Or, perhaps they have to compromise with the limited number of flowers to put in floral centerpieces.

Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

Every bride wants to live a dream where she wishes to see her handsome groom waiting for her at the end of the aisle, a beautifully designed wedding dress, a perfect bridal party and last but definitely not the least, tons of heart-wrenching flowers all around. But let’s face reality! Wedding flowers are costly, and most couples don’t understand why they are so high in price?

Actually! You cannot blame any single factor for this high-cost matter, but a number of factors impact the overall cost. Everything you get for your wedding comes with a price tag. Most of the time, couples experience sticker shock while deciding about floral décor, particularly the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. 

Real flowers take time to grow; from burring a seed into the soil to getting a blooming flower (just for a few hours or days) requires many efforts and care. Then the import, transportation, and essentials to keep a flower fresh, blooming, and beautiful also need a lot of time, actions, and of course, money. These issues make flowers extremely expensive. Most of the time, couples have to compromise their desires to keep things in control. 

What is the solution?

The most cost-effective solutions for this problem is using wooden flowers for a bridal bouquet and other wedding floral arrangements instead of the real things:

Sola wood flowers are the blooms crafted from the bark of a plant called The Balsa Tree. Its inner bark is ivory colored, and the fine shavings of its bark are used to create floral petals. This method of creating flowers doesn’t require any complicated tools and machines. Most people love to DIY wood flowers for a variety of floral arrangements. These flowers are entirely handmade. This technique provides every single bloom a customized look that makes it identical to real blooms. These flowers originally have an off-white or cream color. It is still easy to dye wood flowers in any desired colors by using acrylic paints, fabric paints, oil paints, or watercolors.

Wood flowers are affordable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, and pollen-free means you are getting a bunch of advantages with sola wood flowers for your wedding:

  • You don’t have to worry about wilting, drying, or dying your wedding flowers
  • If you are dealing with a minimal wedding budget, it is also possible to rent your wedding flowers.
  • These flowers are long-lasting, and that is why you can reuse your wedding flowers in home décor or other floral arrangements.

Why are wood flowers ideal for a bridal bouquet?

Though there are many benefits to their affordable price. Isn’t it so encouraging holding your dream bouquet just at a fraction of the cost of real flowers? Wood flowers easily fit into any budget. These wood flowers feature a metal wire stem which makes them easy to work with when creating a bouquet. Brides are free to choose their color options for their wedding theme with wood flowers because they are available in a massive selection of color options.

Why is using sola wood flower for a wedding a versatile choice?

You are choosing wood flowers because they are a lot less expensive than the real thing, but it is not the only reason to make wooden flowers a critical part of your big day. Sola wood flowers are versatile, and you can do all the things that you would be able to do with real flowers even better than the real ones.

Here is a rundown on the advantages of sola wood flowers and how they stack up against the traditional version.

·       Flexibility:

The sola wood floral stems are bendable. It is the feature that launches the wooden blooms to first place for versatility. Flexibility is the built-in attachment feature of sola wood flowers that allows you to put flowers where you cannot use fresh flowers due to their delicacy. Sola wood flowers are the most versatile choice for your bridal bouquet and wedding centerpiece.

·       Bridal bouquets toss:

Whether you have a real bridal bouquet or a wooden one, you will absolutely toss your bouquet! During the activity, a whole flower bouquet may get damaged. The advantage actually goes to a wood flower bouquet because it will never dry out, deteriorate, or rot.

·       Perfect keepsake or wedding favor:

Sola wood flowers virtually last forever, so your wood wedding flowers can make perfect wedding favors. You can reuse these flowers for a wide variety of events, or you can preserve them as a keepsake of your beautiful memories. To add fresh flower scent, you can consider using essential flower oil to drip onto each flower.

Typical uses of wood wedding flowers:

Sola wood flowers are not only for a bridal bouquet. These wooden flowers can be used for a variety of things at a wedding. A few ways you can incorporate wood flowers throughout your wedding celebrations are:

·       Wedding centerpieces:

Sola wood flowers are ideal alternatives to real flowers in centerpieces and other floral arrangements. They look merely great as floral centerpieces for guest tables and cost a fraction of the price. You can give these flowers lasting keepsake for your wedding guests to take home.

·       Corsages:

Do you know you have to spend at least $10 per corsage made of real flowers at your wedding?

Instead of spending this much amount on corsage made of real flowers, make them with sola wood blooms, and you can save a lot of your wedding budget. DIY your wedding corsages can be an excellent activity with sola wood flowers. You can enjoy quality time with your friends and family. They will look equally beautiful like real flowers but are durable and cost a fraction of the price.

·       Boutonnieres

Just like the corsages, you can DIY boutonnieres for your wedding from sola wood miniature flowers. These boutonnieres take only a few minutes to make. Just clip the stem and hot glue a safety pin to them. As a bonus, these boutonnieres will also be a lasting keepsake for your guests to take home.

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