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Sola Wood Roses

Roses symbolize romance, love, grace, and friendship, so it is not a surprise that they are probably the most popular flowers in the world. With all the different colors and shapes, roses can adorn any celebration, home, festival, or commemoration. However, fresh roses are not exactly perfect as they do have prickles that might hurt you, and the petals die pretty fast. To solve those problems, you might want to explore the beauty of wooden roses, which will not only last forever but will also look spectacular in any situation.

In today's world, the newest innovations and methods allow us to shape sola wood flowers in any way we want and make them look even better than fresh flowers. Here are all the things you need to know about wooden roses, their undeniable beauty, and ways to shape and use them.

Past vs. Present

In the past, wooden roses were carved from heavy wood and looked unreal. That made them difficult to use during weddings, birthday parties, or any other celebrations. Also, due to various limitations, florists were unable to make perfect arrangements and fulfill their clients' dreams. However, everything changed once sola wood flowers and roses were introduced to the floral industry. Sola wood roses are nothing like heavy wooden roses in the past. On the contrary, sola wood roses are flexible, durable, easy to shape and re-arrange, and can be easily colored. On top of that, once you use your perfect sola wood flowers at your dream wedding or birthday anniversary, you don't have to throw them away like you would have to do with fresh roses. Instead, you can take all the wooden roses back home and use it for your home décor or gift it to your family and friends.

More and more florists choose to work with wooden roses these days as they are cheaper, offer more flexibility, and look breathtaking.

Benefits of Wooden Roses

Sola wood flowers and roses are probably the best solutions for your floral concerns as they offer many benefits compared to other types of flowers (fresh, synthetic, etc.):

  • Sola wood roses come in any shape, form, and color you like. So, instead of searching through all the flower shops in the city, looking for that perfect bouquet of fresh roses, you can simply order sola wood roses bouquet and shape it according to your needs. Not will save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Fresh roses bouquets tend to be extremely expensive, especially if you need them for your weddings or other big celebrations. Many people don't have that much money but still want their events to look stunning. That's where sola wood roses come to rescue. Due to advanced technologies and innovative methods, the production of sola wood flowers is not expensive, meaning that they cost much cheaper compared to real flowers.
  • All-year-round. Fresh flowers have their seasons, so it might become difficult to arrange your perfect bouquet during the winter when most of the greenery is dead. And even if you find some fresh flowers, they cost much more off-season. This doesn't apply to sola wood roses, though. Wooden roses have no seasons, so you can use them all year round.
  • Sola wood roses will last forever. You will be able to adorn your wedding with a beautiful sola wood wedding bouquet and save it for your daughter's wedding. Compared to fresh flowers and roses that die in weeks or even days, wooden roses will last as long as you keep them.
  • All the colors in the world. You can paint your sola wood roses in any color you want. That adds even more flexibility and allows you (or your florist) to stay creative without any limitations.

Cons of Wooden Roses

As much as we love wooden roses, they have some qualities that you need to take into consideration when buying them:

  • No aroma. Fresh flowers and roses have a delightful aroma, especially during the blooming season. Unfortunately, sola wood roses don't have any smell or aroma. Of course, sometimes, it can be seen as an advantage. For example, if you want to use special scents and want all the decorations to produce no smell, sola wood roses can be the perfect replacement for fresh flowers.
  • Conservative Approach. Many conservative people still think that only real flowers create a festive atmosphere and adorn the celebration. So, sola wood roses, no matter how great and beautiful they are, might still make some people feel uncomfortable. Gladly, the trend is changing extremely fast, and the majority of people have already accepted sola wood flowers as a valid (and desired) option when creating a floral arrangement.

Make Your Own Bouquet

If you are a creative person and want to show your inner florist's skills, you can easily make your own sola wood roses bouquets.

  • Choose wooden roses. With many different shapes and colors to chose from, make sure that you pick sola wood roses that suit your needs the best. Think about where you will use those roses and how they will blend with other decorations. If you are not yet sure about the exact color, you can buy unpainted wooden roses and dye them yourself.
  • Get all the tools. Here is a more detailed article about all the tools that you might need when making your sola wood flowers bouquet. Make sure to have floral wire, tape, foam, clippers, scissors, and tissue paper for the starters. After that, you can adjust to your needs and purchase other tools along the way.
  • Start creating. The hardest part is to envision your perfect sola wood roses bouquet in your mind. Once you do that, everything else becomes a formality. We recommend following the same bouquet making rules that you apply to real flowers – make sure that you distribute all the colors equally throughout the bouquet, use scissors and clippers to cut roses and adjust their length, and don't forget to strengthen your bouquet with the wire. Of course, consider adorning your bouquet with a beautiful ribbon or other delicate accents.

Where to Use Wooden Roses

Wooden roses are perfect for many occasions, so don't be afraid to experiment. Here are a few examples of where you can use your beautiful bouquets:

  • No wedding is complete without beautiful floral arrangements. Sola wood roses are great for decorating your wedding, from centerpieces to flower walls to bridal bouquets to boutonnieres. The opportunities are limitless, so be creative!
  • Private Parties. From birthdays to baby showers to work events, sola wood roses will adorn any party and have people talking for months to come. If you want to impress your guests, don't look further than sola wood roses.
  • Home Décor. Once you use sola wood roses at your wedding or another party, don't even think about throwing them away. Instead, bring them home and decorate your living room wall or porch. Such small details as wooden roses can make all the difference and create a wonderful and graceful atmosphere.
  • Sola wood roses bouquet is a perfect gift when you are visiting someone at their house, going to a birthday party, or celebrating an anniversary with your loved one. We are sure that no one would ever feel sad getting a homemade sola wood roses bouquet as a gift!

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