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September 20, 2020 2 min read

Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, so you want it to be perfect. That includes having beautiful sola wood wedding flowers, happy guests, an unforgettable venue, and extraordinary looks. Some brides opt to buy/rent a wedding dress from one of many wedding shops. However, if you want to really impress everyone, you should think about designing your own dress. It will not only be one of a kind, but it will also fit you perfectly. Of course, there are a few things you need to know before you start customizing your dress.

Start with a Sketch

Ask your designer to make a few sketches of your potential dress so that you could see how it looks like. This way, you will save a lot of money as doing a sketch is way cheaper than sewing a dress just to find out that it is not what you want. There are many things that might not work. For example, your sketched dress might not fit the sola wood bridal bouquet. Always remember that things in real life look a bit different compared to your imagination. That's why having a final sketch is a must.

Choose Fabric and Colors Carefully

If you are not an expert in the fashion industry, you might want to ask for advice. We believe that you could make all the decisions alone, but the beauty of being a human is that we can always seek help from real experts. Just like you talk to your florist about sola wood roses, talk to your tailor about the perfect fabric for your dress. Some fabrics might look beautiful but be extremely uncomfortable in the summer, while others might be practical but wouldn't blend in your wedding theme. So, speak to people who have spent their lives making wedding dresses, and they will help you. After all, you don't have to listen to every piece of advice, but the more information you collect prior to making the dress, the better.

Try Many Wedding Dresses

You should go to a bridal shop and try a few different wedding dresses to understand what style fits you the most. You probably know that some clothes might seem beautiful on the shelf but look terrible when you put them on and vice versa. Instead of trying to guess what shape of a wedding dress fits you the most, just try all the shapes.

Ask for a Mock-up Dress

When you are buying a couture wedding dress, you can ask for a mock-up wedding dress that is made from cheaper fabric. Once you try it on, you will see what changes still need to be made and what doesn't work. After that, your designer will be able to make the final changes before making your wedding dress. This way, you will avoid any surprises, and your wedding dress with a beautiful sola wood wedding bouquet will stun everyone at the wedding!

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