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September 21, 2020 4 min read

It's always too much exciting first day of School! Students and teachers head back to School to start another year of challenges, excitement, and anticipation. A beautiful gift of colorful and vibrant flowers for back to School could help ease teachers and students back into the routine of instructions, homework, contributions, and all the other elements involved within the educational system. Teachers become happily surprised at this type of gesture.

A floral bouquet is a unique teacher gift idea they will love. Students usually give teachers appreciation gifts on "Teachers Day" or during "Teacher Appreciation Week" towards the end of the school year. But all the educators and their other educational assistants, such as tutors, staff, coaches, and counselors need a boost from the beginning of the new session when students back to school.

Staffs members of School are a good amount of time in the School for the whole year. Their sincere efforts, love, and sufficient contribution to make you successful in your life also need appreciation and encouragement. Flowers are the perfect gift to show all these emotions and feelings and make them happy at their work station or desk.

To whom you can send "Back-to-School" flowers?

Children always try and love to give gifts to their favorite teachers. Still, other employees also contribute to the progress of your children throughout the year in the School. Here it is a list of people who deserve a thoughtful surprise from your kid's side:

·       Teachers

Teachers are always the first ones who come to mind while making a list of giving back to school gifts. They pass on their knowledge, answer endless questions, and care about the success of their students. But from all teachers, you have to think more, especially about the classroom teachers, like music, art, and PE. Never forget to surprise the elective teachers who also have a major impact on the students, especially in character development and creativity. Welcome back to school flowers make fabulous new teacher gifts for those who get used to a new work environment.

·       Mentors

Children have several teachers, yet there are many others influence your children and mentor them throughout the year. Of course, they also love to get surprised with bouquets from back to School.

  • "Guidance counselors" help students through their future career paths in high School.
  • "Coaches" guide and encourage children outside of School in places they enjoy. This includes not only sports but drama, debate and other extracurricular activities as well. Clubs such as chess and computer count, too!
  • "Room parents"put the planning parties in long hours, organize field trips and host fundraisers.
  • Other mentors, such as participant from the community, representatives from the board of director, frequent motivator and guest speakers, and pastors at the campus, also influence school children.

School Administration

 Giving back-to-school flowers to school principal can build a relationship and show appreciation for them. It will also help them become more of a real person to your child instead of just someone to see if you're in trouble.

·       Office Staff

The school office is the School's "Control Centre." Parents' questions and telephone calls from the office staff, give passes when someone's late, and spend countless hours on things that make the school work such as accounting and paying for bills.

Not only are flowers unusual gifts for teachers, but they can also brighten the day of those working in the office, like the receptionist and bookkeeper. Do not forget the nurse and librarian at the School, too.

·       Behind-the-Scenes Staff

Your child comes across many others who work behind the scenes all day long. These employees are not having direct contact with kids, they meet your kids off and on and wave at them in the halls, or even get involved by attending school functions. Parents never see a lot of those employees, but take the opportunity to start off their year positively. Some of the best gifts from teachers are suitable for custodians, maintenance personnel and cafeteria workers. A lot of work behind the scenes to get ready for the year — they've been working hard for a while. A back-to-school bouquet is a thoughtful way of demonstrating that you care.

Be thoughtful in your decisions:

This list may inspire you to expand your gift list beyond teachers and educators. You can get already arranged flower decorations or bouquets to the teachers or also try making DIY flower gifts for teachers. DIY you're present by splitting the bouquets and placing a few flowers in thrifty vases or colorful vintage bottles.

As a parent in the room, you could also place mini arrangements with the teacher's permission on each child's desk, of course. Desk decor and student gifts are also a great way for the students to boost morale.

Bouquets that make the perfect "Back-to-School" Gifts:

Back-to-school bouquets are gifts perfect on their own, or they can be part of back-to-school supplies as a school survival kit. Adding sola wood floral bouquets is an excellent addition in this back to the school gift list. 

Real flowers can be quite expensive. It will be difficult for you to spend a handsome amount of buying fresh flowers or floral bouquets for such a long list of people. Wooden flowers are equally stunning, inspiring, and elegant flowers like real blooms. These flowers have additional benefits of being pollen-free and fragrance-free, that is a wonderful feature for the people suffering from asthma or allergy issues.

These blooms are affordable. You can also make these flowers easily at home just by watching a few DIY sola wood flower making and sola wood flowers dying tutorials. 

Wooden blooms are an ideal gift for the educators and other school staff members as they can keep these flowers on their desk or office for this year and coming many years. Wooden flowers are environment friendly because of being bio-degradable, and this feature of sola wood flowers make these blooms more appreciated and loved by educators and environment lovers.

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