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May 18, 2020 2 min read

You might need to postpone your wedding to the winter season because of the current coronavirus pandemic. However, the winter season will require you to adjust and change some of your initial plans. You might want to look for an indoor venue, prepare mulled wine, and light all the candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Gladly, sola wood wedding flowers look wonderful any season, so if you have them already, you won't have to worry about making new floral designs. Here are a few more insights on planning your wedding on the winter season:

Keep Your Guests Warm

Upon arrival, treat your guests with mulled wine, offer them some warm blankets, and light up the heaters throughout your wedding area. If you are getting married in winter, you will most likely have to look for an indoor venue, which has a good heating system and experience in hosting such big celebrations. Also, depending on the weather, make sure that your guests wouldn't need to walk from the parking lot to the venue. Even 200 meters could be enough to make them wet and miserable during heavy rains or snowstorms.

Seasonal Decorations

Sola wood wedding flowers, bouquets, and centerpieces look amazing all year long, and they cost much cheaper compared to seasonal flowers. Also, sola wood roses never die and are immune to cold, so you won't need to worry about any possible problems. Make sure to add some Christmas themed decorations (especially if your wedding is during December) to create a magical atmosphere. After all, you should use the Christmas mood to adorn your wedding instead of trying to create something totally different. However, if you don't like the decorations in your wedding venue (they will most likely have some Christmas lights already), ask them to remove those decorations so that you could work on your vision.

Focus on the Nighttime

Days are short during winter, so the bigger part of your celebration will be at nighttime. Make sure to visit your venue when it is dark and check the lighting system, talk with your photographer to find the best places for photos, and see how your sola wood wedding flowers look after the sun is down. Remember, your wedding venue can look wonderful in the daytime, but lose all its charm after the sunset.

Less Movement

People tend to get lazy during the winter, especially if it is snowing or raining outside. That means that you want to create a comfortable area for them to relax and stay warm during the wedding. It would be the best idea to have your wedding ceremony and party at the same venue so people wouldn't need to think about transportation. Also, you cannot predict the weather during winter, so be a little bit more flexible with your schedule as bad weather can cause delays. Place a sola wood wedding bouquet and a beautiful candle on the table, provide comfortable seats with blankets, and write a captivating wedding speech to impress your guests!

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