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May 19, 2020 2 min read

Some weddings will have to be postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. We know that there are many couples with sola wood wedding flowers, decorations, and dresses waiting to be used as fast as possible. As much as we would like to believe that everything will go back to normal soon, we must also acknowledge the fact that social distancing will be the biggest trend of this (and potentially next) wedding season. So, you have to mind the safety of your guests and organize your celebration in a way that people wouldn't face unnecessary risks.

Bigger Venue

It is not easy to pick the perfect wedding venue for your wedding, especially if you are hosting many guests. This task might become even harder in the future. With the coronavirus pandemic, you will have to make sure that your guests are not stacked to one another and have a lot of private space (if you are coming from Scandinavia, that might be the common thing to do). That means that your wedding venues will have to be much bigger. Of course, you could consider inviting fewer guests, but it is always painful to make that list of people you cannot invite to your wedding.

A bigger venue will have a few advantages, though. For example, you will be able to fit even more sola wood wedding flowers. And who in the world would hate to see even more adorable sola wood roses?

Extra Hygiene

Depending on your area and the time of your wedding, you might need to make sure that all guests wear masks during the ceremony. Also, you will have to provide a lot of disinfectants and other things to keep the maximum hygiene. That also means that someone will have to clean all the sola wood flowers, tables, plates, floor, and ceiling 100 times more than they would normally do. That includes cleaning the venue during the celebration.

Less Kissing

Don't worry, you will be able to kiss your partner after exchanging the rings, but just make sure to remind your guests that they should probably keep their intimacy to themselves. That means that your guests should avoid any unnecessary contact with other people at the party. If they can salute one another from 10 feet, there is no need for them to hug each other. Of course, you will not be able to control all your guests, especially if your celebration includes the open bar, but you should at least remind them of the situation.

Take Care of Your Vendors

The lady who was shaping your sola wood bridal bouquet and the chef who cooked the most delicious wedding cake in the world deserves to feel safe, especially if they attend your party to help you out. Take care of all the staff at your wedding and make sure that they feel safe and ready to make your wedding a blast even during this turbulent period. If you show them appreciation, they will give twice as much of it. So, talk with the staff and show them that they are safe.

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