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December 02, 2019 2 min read

Your best friend’s or sibling’s wedding is coming up and you are nervous even more so than the bride or groom to be! You’ve never given a speech before or you are not sure what to say. You might have known the person all your life but can’t seem to put thoughts into words. You know ‘winging it’ would be sure doom. So, how do you plan this speech? Well, woodflowers.com has the 411 you need for creating that stellar speech! Our team has compiled 6 pointers just for you. See below for tips that will surely help you create a speech everyone loves:

  • It’s not about You – Take the focus off you and your flaws. You might be thinking you don’t sound good enough or maybe you are self-conscious about some innate flaw. Don’t worry about that. Focus on what’s important – the couple and your message to them. Readjusting your focus will make it easier for you to create the best speech.
  • It’s a short story – Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Your speech can have the same parts but be way more concise. What would you like to start off with? You can start with an introduction. Maybe speaking about how long you’ve known the person or how you met. Then speak about their characteristics, what drew you to them? What makes them so great (or not so great lol)? Share memories. Inject humor, puns, metaphors. Then end nicely with your best wishes for the couple and their lives together. Don’t forget to toast!
  • Time Yourself – If you are worried that your speech might be too long or short. Use a timer during one of your practice sessions to know how long it actually is. Then you can decide what needs to be taken out or added.
  • Complement your speech with Other Media – If the planner and venue allow it, complement your speech with different media types. You don’t have to go overboard. You could do a simple slideshow or a song. Utilize anything that adds value to your speech and that the couple and their audience will appreciate.
  • Be Creative – You don’t have to do a traditional speech. Try something out of the box. Have you considered a poem, a song, miming? (We’re joking about the last one but who knows…maybe it could work depending on your audience). Whatever you choose, ensure that it will resonate with the couple and add value to a very important day.
  • Practice – If you are someone who battles with anxiety when it comes to speaking publicly, practicing might help you overcome this. You’ll also know your speech better when you practice. You’ll know when it’s best to pause or use emphasis, utilize the best gesticulations and eye contact. You could even practice in front of friends or family members who can give you pointers on how to do it better.


That’s it for our tips! Put these in place and your speech or toast might be like our wood flowers – gorgeous, and its impact lasting long after you’ve said your final word.

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