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January 19, 2020 2 min read

Have you decided on cupcakes for your wedding? Cupcakes for weddings are a great choice as each guest can enjoy their own cupcake, they can double up as favors and they look fab on a cupcake tower.

Cupcakes are adorable, cute and delicious. These cupcakes make nice little bite-size wedding favors that can complement your wedding theme.

Many people love cupcakes because it just looks too nice most of the time. Adults and children love it and it wouldn’t go to waste like physical items that can be given to your guests for keepsake. With cupcakes, people enjoy the look of it and the taste of it when they consume it. So, you can be sure that it is well appreciated.

Many weddings I have attended have had cupcakes, either as an addition to their traditional cake for guests to enjoy or instead of and used as a focal point in the form of a cupcake tower.

Cupcakes have been the latest trends in wedding cakes. But a more elegant version to challenge the cupcake is the new trend now, a mini cake.

A miniature version of its larger predecessor, mini cakes can be created to look and taste just like the real McCoy, or they can be created in different flavors with different filling and in an assortment of complementing colors to follow your wedding theme. Mini cakes come in a variety of sizes each of which are able to hold their own as an individual wedding accessory.

If using your mini cakes as wedding favors, you can do so in a number of different ways.
Mini cakes can be used as wedding favors. One way is that you can display it alongside the full-sized version for individuals to sample after dinner or placed at each individual guest’s place setting. Or wrapped in a box or cellophane bag and placed on a table waiting for guests to take home with them at evening’s end.

Some bridal couples choose to skip the full-sized cake entirely in lieu of an assortment of mini cakes displayed on a tier cake stand similar to the trend seen with cupcakes. And just as with cupcakes the bride and groom can still perform their ceremonial cake cutting utilizing one of the smaller cakes, and place their cake topper either resting on the top of the stand or balanced atop of a circle of mini cakes.

Still, other couples will use their mini cake as a part of their centerpieces amidst smaller flowers, or candle displays, with a cake knife on hand for guests to cut and serve the cake after dinner.

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