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January 20, 2020 2 min read

Photographer doesn’t embrace a re-do choice, and you have at some point to induce the shots right. Dealing with a little degree artistic along with your shots can let you form one more significant and spectacular wedding album. A genuine trick to effective photography is approaching having a suitable location where your wedding portraits and family shots are taken professionally.

To choose a suitable location for your wedding photography, you may be confusing to decide and many of you may ask a question to your wedding photographer, “Where should we go for our outdoor wedding photo-shoot?” And they always ended up talking for a long period of time explaining all of the possibilities. As each wedding and couples are unique and it is part of their job as a professional photographer to decide the best locations for photography.

In the wedding photography, photographers will follow by,

  • Documentary
  • Formals
  • Creative

The documentary is where photographers turn themselves into paparazzi and photograph all the important events that are going on during the entire wedding.

Formals are the most boring part of the job, where photographers take shots of you and your family members and friends as proof that they did attend your wedding. But the most enjoyable part of the wedding would be the creative photo sessions. This is what photographers live and breathe for. It’s where they can let their creative juices run free. Some couples would even consider this the MOST important part of the whole wedding. Yes, even more than the wedding kisses itself.

What photographers normally do is pick a few locations, mostly outdoors, and take some photographs of the bride and groom, and a few shots with the bridal party. These would generally be the “winner” shots, photographs that couple would turn into their Facebook profile picture for the next couple of years, and blow up on the walls of every part of their home. So the locations to be chosen are definitely a big decision. Below are tips to help you choose the perfect locations for your wedding photos, and to create those ‘dreamy’ wedding photos that your friends would envy:

Choose your favorite element

Do you like the outdoors? Indoors, Mountain, Beach, Park?

Ask your photographer for recommendations

Let your photographers run through some of his/her favorite locations.

Time allocation/management

Give 2 hours, minimal! Create a timeline/schedule.

Determine locations that will suit your wedding theme

A coral wedding would be perfectly accompanied by beach backdrops.

Don’t go anywhere

Your ceremony or reception usually offers spectacular scenery already. Why waste it.

Expect the unexpected

Have a backup location. Rain, Holiday, special events might ruin it.

Book it

Some needs booking.


Add properties to help beautify the photographs.

Time of day

Crucial for lighting. Temperature. Mood. Sunsets?


How’s the parking? Accessible by the limo?

Emergency kit

Spare shoes, bridesmaids kit. makeup/redo. hair? refer.

Food & drinks

Have plenty. Don’t get drunk.

Seasonal factors

Some locations are affected by the season. Ask your photographer.

Save the Dress!

You will need a wedding dress for the reception.

The end!

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