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September 06, 2021 5 min read

Although housewarming parties are no longer as popular as they once were, sending a housewarming gift to a neighbor's front door is still a thoughtful way to greet newcomers. People may feel confused, bewildered, or anxious while transferring to a new area, and your welcoming grin at their front door is bound to help them feel better!

When new neighbors moved in, it was customary for them to be met by the present inhabitants, who introduced themselves and welcomed the newcomers. The objective was to make people feel at ease, and we believe this is a tradition that should be continued. After all, relocating may be a stressful experience and settling in can be intimidating and unpredictable. The sight of a few friendly faces at the front door will be a pleasant surprise! Whether it's a home-cooked meal or flowers to welcome them to their new home, housewarming gifts are thoughtful and all these thoughtful gestures will go a long way toward making a house a home.

We all know that flowers and plants are lovely acts of goodwill that may contribute to the warmth and comfort that makes a place seem like a home. They are charming and inviting without coming across as arrogant. When sending flowers to a new acquaintance, you should consider the colors and flowers you send. When it comes to colors, red is associated with passion and love. Therefore it's best to stay away from it.

Here are some flower arrangements, plants, and gift options that can help the newcomers feel welcomed:

·       Sola wood floral bouquet:

Flowers brighten up any room and assist in converting a cold and uninviting environment into a warm and inviting home. Relocation, whether it's to a lovely condo with a balcony or a pleasant suburban home with a yard for dogs, generally involves a lot of stress and many boxes. Fresh flowers may help occupants relax in their new home by reducing tension. Plus, their fresh scent might help you get rid of that cardboard package odor!

But you can transform this trend a little by changing real flowers with their long lasting sola wood version. You may greet them with a beautiful wooden flower bouquet to make their new home seem welcoming. They'll be expected to have friendly neighbors, and they'll be able to adorn their living room with these durable, pollen-free, and environment friendly gorgeous flowers. If you can include a flower vase with the flowers, that would be ideal because the new neighbors would be perplexed where they had put flower vases in such a large suitcase.

·       Blooming Basket:

Blooming plant baskets are another excellent option for bringing the outside inside. The warmth and beauty of flowers are a perfect way to make a place seem more like home. Choose a bouquet of wrapped flowers or a bouquet of sola wood sunflowers, roses, mums, or lilies to allow your new friends to display their flowers as they choose.

·       Houseplant:

It's a painstaking task to redecorate the entire space and move the bags from one location to another. Beautiful houseplants may simply be used to beautify one's home. So you may commemorate their arrival by giving your neighbor a thoughtful gift of houseplants. These houseplants will brighten up any drab area of the house. They can also arrange houseplants by the entryway to greet visitors and welcome them to their new homes. You may also assist them in their gardening efforts by helping them to plant fresh flowers and plants in their backyard or garden.

Best flower options to gift your neighbors:

Here is a shortlist of stunning plants, fresh flowers, or sola wood flowers that you can gift to your new neighbors to convey your good wishes and saying welcome to them in a most beautiful way:

·        Orchid:

A gorgeous and exquisite orchid is one of the most popular suggestions for a housewarming present for your new neighbors. Its delicate form and elegant appearance make it easy to incorporate into any décor. Choose from a range of beautiful vases and containers, as well as single or double stems. The orchid plant will add magnificence and beauty to any house with its well-defined and delicious blooms and thin green stalks. The easy-care tips make it a favorite among people born without green thumbs and those who lead a busy lifestyle. As a result, it's one of the most significant plants to give as a housewarming present.

·        Jade plants:​

They're perfect for housewarming presents. They're also known as the fortunate plant or the money tree, and they're said to bring luck into a home. They're also succulents, which are beautiful, hardy, and nearly impossible to destroy. As a result, while selling jade plants as houseplants, you don't have to be concerned about the plants dying. They are actual survivors who can survive for an extended period of time with little or no care. They only require infrequent watering. Therefore neglect is beneficial to them. It is not required to fertilize this plant, although it is great to clean the dust off the leaves now and then.

·        Peace Lily:

The self-contained Peace Lily is the most unselfish plant you'll come across. They cleanse the air and transform any space into a tropical haven. When you deliver one of these leafy giants to a friend, their face will light up with joy.

The most time-consuming commitment your buddy will have to make is repotting them if they outgrow their current home, but these plants are ridiculously easy to care for on a daily basis. They require regular water (but not excessive amounts), high humidity, and bright, indirect sunshine. Instruct your buddy to place the Peace Lily in a more sunny location if you know they wish to see blossoms.

·        Lucky Bamboo Plant:

The lucky bamboo is a wonderful welcome present for new neighbors. Although it resembles bamboo, and you may buy examples that are higher than you, fortunate bamboo is not linked to the grass family like bamboo. It's a dracaena, and it's almost trouble-free inside, where it thrives in a tall glass container filled with stones and purified water. Look for fortunate bamboo that has been bent into unique spirals.

·        Succulents:

Succulents are known for being low-maintenance, hardy, lush, and attractive plants. They come in a variety of green colors and textures and will add a bit of green charm to any home, making them the ideal housewarming present.

·        Bonsai-Tree:

A cleverly and well-cultivated tiny tree promises to raise the home's opulence level. Bonsai trees are also considered to provide serenity, luck, and harmony in Japanese culture, which is why it is the perfect plant to send as a housewarming present.

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