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October 06, 2020 4 min read

Great joy is coming!

Because a baby brings a little bit of heaven down to the earth…!

The birth of a new baby is a time for celebrations, and what better way to celebrate than with a lovely burst of 'Welcome New Baby' flowers, one of the greatest blessings of nature? It is good enough to get together with friends and family to celebrate such a special moment, but baby flowers and presents will help make the occasion extra special.

There are a few things you may want to remember if you're planning a baby shower to welcome your very important new person and want to decorate it with some lovely blooms. When it comes to giving the baby a beautiful blooming welcome, there are no hard and fast rules; anything goes. But as a general guide,' fluffy, light and airy' is the theme that strikes right in these happy moments.

Here are some of the many possibilities discussed to motivate you ahead of the big day to welcome a new life in this world:

Don't be confused about floral colors for a newborn!

Color combinations are merely endless in the amazing world of flowers, and thinking about which colors to select can be a mind-blowing experience. In baby shower displays, white is often a dominant color as it is commonly known as pure, clean, positive, and blessed. Fresh life and new beginnings are regularly correlated with it, making it especially suitable for this special occasion. In contrast to some bright colors, using a white or ivory shade would make your show gender-neutral. It is perfect to use white flowers to decorate your home or baby shower location, regardless of whether you know the gender of your baby.

Perfect flowers for a baby shower:

Flowers play their role in almost every form of arrangement in a baby shower, from tiny tabletop pieces and floral cake centers to hanging decorations and much larger displays of statements. You can coordinate baby flowers with the gift sets also.

You can use Baby's Breath, Alstroemeria, Calla Lilies, Lisianthus, and Pastel Roses for a baby shower. These are usually not considered gender-specific flowers and have various light and soft color options to go exactly according to the baby shower theme. Pastels fit well and come in a variety of colors, so you're going to be spoiled for options.

Real or fake flowers for a baby shower:

Babies are small, fragile items so delicate that the failsafe route to take when preparing your floral gift is typically pretty.

It is better to stay clear of the hues commonly associated with gender-specific presents if you're still not sure of the gender of the new kid. Try cream or ivory colored peonies, the perfect boy-girl flower compromise, as the top baby shower options. They are available all year round, but if you especially love the variety grown in the British garden, usually the best time for peonies is between May and July.

If you have some issues finding the best seasonal original blooms for a baby shower, then replace the actual flowers with sola wood floral variety of artificial blooms. Wooden flowers are made of the Balsa tree wood and have an almost exact appearance like original blooms. The delicacy, durability, and eco-friendly nature of these blooms are ideal to use as the baby shower flower options. Even these blooms can be a perfect gift in them and can be used to decorate the baby nursery for a long time after the baby shower. You can add delicate white feathers with your wood flower arrangements to complement the blooms.

Flowers for baby boy:

If you know a boy will be your new arrival, choosing blue shaded flowers may be the loveliest choice by far. There are plenty of blooms to choose from, but hydrangeas are top of the list for many. You cannot go wrong if you love the classic look and the bold, round type of this flower. Hydrangeas of every blue hue look stunning contrasting with white, so suggest sitting alongside them with white roses, peonies, or dahlias.

Hydrangeas grow in several blue combinations, so you can determine how pale or bright you want to go, and if you are decorating on a budget, they can be the right choice because each bloom is big.

Flowers for Baby Girl:

The pink color is the first color many people think about when they know that someone will have a baby girl. But frankly speaking, it may not be the cup of tea of every mum. Still, with so many beautiful pink shades and flowers to choose from, it is easy to assure that there will be something to fit everyone's pink level. You can go for similarly stunning pastel color options, including soft lilacs, soft ivory and pale yellow colors instead of pink.

Baby shower cake Decoration:

It adds an extra unique flourish to decorate a baby shower cake with fresh flowers. It saves you a lot of time and fiddly edible flower making as well. On top of your royal icing, a few petals strategically 'sprinkled' look beautiful, while a tight cluster of rosebuds skillfully fashioned to rest on top of your cake will not fail to impress.

Express your emotions with flowers!

Flowers have long been empowered to express love messages, so why not build your message for baby shower day with flower letters or words? You can decorate a table or fireplace top with its initials made entirely of flowers if you already know the name for the new kid, and it is perfectly easy to do this yourself.

Flowers and balloons:

Any baby shower atmosphere can be quickly dressed up by the classic mix of flowers and balloons. Use your favorite flowers to decorate the helium balloon strings and make them stand upright to welcome visitors inside. If you feel super imaginative, you might also turn this into an entrance arch.

With ordinary blow-up balloons and flowers, you can create huge, bold, and striking garlands, and then drape them around doorways. There are infinite possibilities, and they are limited only by time, budget, and how imaginative and ambitious you feel.

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