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August 07, 2020 4 min read

Flowers are the pretty trinkets of nature that display versatility and astounding beauty with their immense appealing appearance. Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. Whether your wedding flowers appear in a supporting role or as the primary theme setter for your wedding, they are valuable, and no one can deny this fact.

But, have you ever thought about featuring flowers beyond bridal bouquet at your wedding?

However, sola wood flowers are artificial blooms, but their strength, natural appearance and other exciting features make you able to use these color pops to make your statement style on your big day. Sola wood flowers give you all the options for which you prefer real flowers with added benefits of artificial blooms. These are real in appearance, and because of their porous texture, they can be used as fragrance diffusers also.

Their strength and toughness make it possible to use these blooms in every kind of complicated floral arrangements as well as in tiny but very important boutonnieres, floral corsages, and bridal accessories. These flowers are long-lasting so all these little beauty enhancers can be kept as keepsakes for a lifetime

In every bride’s ensemble, a sophisticated bouquet with gorgeous flowers is considered as a statement piece. Brides focus on their bridal wedding to set their wedding theme. Still, few brides are blessed with an extraordinary sense of style, and they think beyond traditions and include these floral beauties to create a unique and elegant visual display at their wedding.

To add more floral fun to your wedding, it is necessary to think beyond the traditions and already established concepts of using real flowers in wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, and wedding aisle. Here is a list of floral flourishes that you can use to create a graceful and stylish statement piece for your wedding day:

1.    Floral wedding invitation and menu card:

Displaying floral details on a wedding invitation is something very classic and stylish. It is an act of showing everyone that you fancy flowers. A floral print invitation can create a dreamy concept about your wedding, and it is a fantastic idea to customize every detail of your wedding invitation.

 With a beautifully printed wedding invitation, you can add a single flower also to make this invitation a representative of your customized wedding style. You can add flowers on your every wedding stationery range also.

2.    Floral bridal accessories:

You can use a flower crown, floral pin or a single flower as your hair accessory. Real flowers are delicate, and it is difficult to use these blooms in your bridal hair accessories. Sola wood flowers are durable with amazingly identical appearance with real flowers. They can be used as any floral accessory, including floral hair pins and crowns.

Using sola wood flower as natural embellishment for braided hairstyle also look so innocent. Sola wood flowers also help you to have an oversized flower for your hair bun in a variety of real or artificial colors.

3.    Wedding cake with floral details:

Usually, sugar flowers are used for decorating wedding dessert, and they provide a pleasant sight. Floral cakes look so welcoming and to establish floral wedding theme these desserts contribute a lot. Use of real flowers for wedding cake decoration is a popular trend these days, but there are so many risk factors are also involved.

Some real flowers used as edible flowers can cause a range of symptoms from vomiting to the blistering around the mouth. Even if you use original flowers just for decorating purpose also, still the risk remains that fine hair irritants or sap from poisonous plants can leech into the cake.  

With all these issues you have only two options, either you choose sugar flowers or go with the best option of using sola wood flowers to drape any flower or foliage around the wedding cake artistically.

4.    Unique table runners:

To spice up your wedding table, use a floral runner!

Nothing unique???

It is not a table runner with printed floral on it, but on a plain white table runner decorate sola wood blooms and use gum to stick these blooms with the table runner. Wedding guests expect to see floral decorations as table centerpieces, but no one can generally imagine the entire table runner to have flowers on it.

Using neutral color tablecloth makes it possible to focus all the attention on the colors of flowers. With this kind of heavy table runner keep all the remaining details simple to avoid any distraction from the floral table runner.

5.    Petal confetti:

Showering the newlyweds with confetti is one of the timeless wedding traditions. As weddings are planned innovatively trend of using paper confetti is also modernized. Using flower petals as confetti is also trending. Using real flowers as confetti can create a mess, it may stain at your white wedding gown, and it is also not allowed at so many wedding venues. Using sola wood flower petals as confetti make you free from all the worries that appear with real flower petals confetti.

Sola wood flower petals are bio-degradable, can never leave a stain, and are easy to collect so you can try this most romantic option to create a floral shower for bride and groom.

6.    Floral swing:

Every wedding needs a statement piece to be different from other weddings. Brides usually create a wedding aisle, floral wall, or a floral chandelier as a statement piece for their wedding. Flower swing can be so unique, impressive, and wonderful photo prop arrangement that will be unforgettable for wedding guests also for coming many years.

A swing completely covered with wooden flowers is somewhat so unique for almost every age group. After the couple has their turn, it can be enjoyed by the rest of the guests.


Hope these ideas have proven the flower power in front of you and you will undoubtedly select a few (if not all) for your big day arrangements also. Pick the option you like most and embrace a new floral trend on your big day celebrations.

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