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August 08, 2020 4 min read

Artificial flowers are the best option to decorate your indoors. Real blooms need a lot of care, but still, they wilt and dry within a few days, and you have to throw your investment in the trash bin. Maybe you are thinking about them so plastic-y and unreal look of faux blooms. Still, in today’s modern time, the definition of artificial flowers is totally changed. Artificial flowers are the long-lasting blooms that have all the features you desire to see.

Sola wood flowers are the best and famous kind of faux flowers with unusual properties of real and fake flowers:

  • Sola flowers are artificial flowers, but they are eco-friendly and biodegradable because of their raw material (wood of the bark of balsa tree).
  • These flowers are identical to the real flowers in their appearance. These are hand-crafted, and that is why every single bloom is different in appearance than others.
  • Sola wood is the flowers made of wood. Still, they are so delicate, and use of sola wood softener provides these blooms delicacy resembles with the real blooms.
  • These blooms are so pure and inspiring in their original Ivory color. Still, these are easy to dye, and you can get sola blooms in any natural or artificial color according to your requirement. You can dye sola wood blooms with acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, or fabric paints in your desired color.
  • These are pollen-free with no added fragrance, but these flowers have amazing absorption ability that helps to use these flowers as fragrance diffusers. Adding a few drops of essential oils, you can make these flowers fragrant if you want.
  • Sola wood flowers are so affordable also that is why with every new day wedding industry is replacing the use of original flowers with sola wood blooms. You can buy these flowers in bulk and also rent for the wedding event form online flower stores.
  • Wooden flowers are free from seasonal restrictions too, and you can get your favorite flowers throughout the year with seasonal limitations.

All these combined features of real and artificial flowers make sola wood flowers a perfect option for wedding flowers and interior décor. These are excellent alternatives for real flowers. To keep these flowers fresh and bright, it is essential to keep them clean properly. This guide will help you to enjoy the beauty of sola wood flowers for years:

How to care sola wood flowers:

Here are general ways to take care of these sophisticated artificial sola wood blooms:

1.     Unboxing of sola wood blooms:

When you receive your sola wood flower, sometimes they are compressed or deformed for shipping. To create fuller looks carefully fluff the petals of your wooden flowers. With plain water, you can reform the shape of wooden blooms easily.

2.     Keep protected from harsh weather:

Sola wood flowers are mainly for indoors. Direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions can destroy sola wood flowers badly.

3.     Avoid water contact:

Keep sola flowers away from water and humidity and try to place these flowers in cool and shady places.

Tips to clean sola wood blooms:

Sola wood blooms are so easy to clean and just by following these tips you can keep these flowers look so fresh and clean:

1.     Perform scheduled cleaning:

Dust your sola wood flowers at least weekly to keep dirt from building up. Frequency of cleaning varies according to the weather conditions and your location.

2.     Perform dusting with dry cloth:

Sola flowers can lose their shape when they come in contact with moisture or water. Use a dry or microfiber cloth to gently wipe the surface of wooden blooms. Fabric duster is also a good alternative used to clean sola wood flowers.

3.     Topiaries of sola wood flowers:

Clean topiaries outdoor to avoid dust inside your home. Brush the surface of flowers from top to remove dirt. Be gentle while brushing sola blooms to remove dirt and avoid rough handling while cleaning. Sola flowers are delicate like real blooms, and this is why you can replace original flowers with these wooden blossoms.

4.     No water and chemicals:

Don’t think of washing your wooden flowers and avoid the use of any cleaning chemical also. Use of these chemicals can damage your sola wood flowers.

How to preserve sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers are forever blooms, and sometimes you wish to keep a few of the flowers in your store to use at events or special occasions. With little care and proper way of storing sola wood blooms extend their life and you can use these stored flowers anytime when you need. Here are a few key points to keep sola wood flowers stored safely:

1.     Storage area:

Store your sola wood flowers in an area that is protected from direct heat and light. Hang sola wood flower wreath or garland on a door or inside your wardrobe.

2.     Storage container:

Use padded storage bags to keep your flowers in shape. You can also use airtight plastic bags to keep the flowers protected. If you have oversized sola wood flowers than use large plastic bags to accumulate dust and dirt.

3.     Clean before cleaning:

Before storing your wooden blooms clean these flowers properly. To avoid any kind of moisture inside, you can introduce a silica gel bag inside the container or airtight plastic bag. Silica gel absorbs the moisture inside the container if any.

4.     Keep space between arrangements:

It is necessary to provide enough breathing space between sola wood flower arrangements. The best thing is using a separate container for every single arrangement. It will protect flowers from getting deformed.


Wooden flowers are beautiful addition of natural colors and aesthetic beauty in your home interiors. Dirt, dust, water, and humidity are the factors that can damage your sola wood floral arrangements severely. 

With little care and proper ways of handling, cleaning, and storing you can keep these flowers fresh, clean, and beautiful.

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