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May 24, 2020 3 min read

Tapioca wood flowers are made from the wood of the tapioca tree that is taken off while scrapping the gummy mass out of the tree. This gummy mass is an amazing source of cellulose. Further, the bark is treated with chemicals to make it flexible and free from any sort of dirt particles or insects. This bark is later turned on into long sheets of wood by usually passing from roller mills. This produces the perfect woody sheets that are needed to make craved wood flowers. There are a variety of shapes that you can try. Trust us, you can try nearly every shape of these wood flowers. Tapioca wood flowers are better than natural ones because you can customize them. That’s true. You can try to add various colors to your wood flowers. This can turn out to be fantastic. You can try to add fragrances and even colors to your flowers. Isn’t that wonderful? Yes of course! Moreover, if you are still wondering about how to paint wood flowers, we will guide you through details of it ahead. There is a way to go ahead and a lot to learn with us. Have a look at some amazing ideas that will blow your mind.

Bringing tapioca wood flowers to life

We know, you can’t simply miss providing wood flowers their unique colors but as a beginner, you might be wondering about how to paint wood flowers. It's okay to be this way. We will brief you with some amazing details of how you can try to have wondered with colors. Above all, you need to be creative while choosing colors. Here are certain points that you must keep in mind while you begin to paint your craved wood flowers. have a look!

  • Mix and match combos

Why don’t you try to mix some amazing tint and add up to your tapioca wood flowers? Trust us, you will be amazed to see how lovely your craved wood flowers will look like this.

  • Always apply a limited amount of paint

Since these are very delicate flowers, you can’t simply add huge amounts of colors on it. This can result in a disaster. Try to put on only a limited amount of paint on these wood flowers.

  • Type of paint

You can use both latex paint and spray paint while painting these tapioca wood flowers. If you are confused about how to use latex paint to wood flowers, you can switch to the spray paints very easily. They are long-lasting and even tends to dry up easily. This can be worth doing for.

  • Use of brushes

Whatever brush you use to paint your wood flower, make sure you use soft brushes. The hard one can simply damage the woody structure of flowers and you might end up regretting the action. Therefore, you also need to be very specific when you choose a brush.


Craved wood flowers are amazing and anyone can try to paint them quite easily. There is a lot of option that can allow you to become playful with the different colors you go with. What so ever, color you choose, trust us, it will make it worth and you will find these tapioca wood flowers far better than those that are naturally existing ones.

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