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May 25, 2020 3 min read

Craved wood flowers are amazing in nearly every way. ranging from their versatile usage and easy ways to store them, they are worth keeping. Moreover, when we talk about bringing tapioca wood flowers to life, we have two amazing ways of doing so. This can be adding up fragrances to the wood flowers and secondly, trying to paint them. Adding fragrance can be evenly important but, the thing which gains more attraction is the color of flowers. if you are wondering about how to paint wood flowers, you do not need to worry. This can be simply an innovative idea to try. All you need is a clear idea about the type of paint that you should go for and you are all set to try your personalized craved wood flowers. there are a variety of ways by which you can add on different forms of colors to the wood flowers but the most amazing type of paint is latex paint. This is worth doing. Trust us. We are claiming it because of several additive properties that the latex paint gives to your wood flowers. Let's look ahead to witness the idea of painting your wood flowers.

Why latex paint is perfect to use on wood flowers

Latex paint as the name suggests is based on latex polymer that is capable of withstanding the environmental stress along with giving an amazing touch to the flowers. this includes the shine and insect repellent behaviors. Isn’t it amazing? Yes of course. Your wood flowers will be able to survive for years if you try to paint them with latex paint. Here, you can have a variety of colors. Even, you can mix and create combinations of tints for these craved flowers. nothing can beat the significance of latex paint for wood flower. Even, spray paints or other volatile forms of paint are available in the market, but the way latex paint highlights the features of your wood flowers nothing else can be compared with it. This is what makes it unique.

How to use latex paint to wood flowers

Latex paint is not very tricky to use. Yet, it needs certain measures to try when you work with it. Here, we will answer about how to use latex paint to wood flowers and trust us, this will help you a lot even if you are a beginner. There are a few key points that you must remember. Here they are:

  • Make sure you apply the limited amount of paint on these craved wood flowers. you can't afford to have dripping of paint.
  • Latex paint needs enough time to settle and get absorbed, dried so, wait patiently, and do not disturb the slower meanwhile.
  • You can use brushes here as well, but be sure, they are not the hard ones. If they are soft, you will be able to apply the paint very easily.


As you have gone through the article, you have got enough ideas about how to use latex paint to wood flowers. Now, you are all set to initiate your project of craved wood flowers. this is the high time to begin because this quarantine can turn out to be a great source of earning by making and selling out these wood flowers online. So, don’t wait and start to innovate and find yourself in a bigger picture.

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