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September 05, 2020 4 min read

"The Rose is the flower and handmaiden of love. The Calla Lilies, her associate, is the emblem of purity and beauty." - Dorothea Dix

Calla lilies are all-time favorite blooms, and there is so much to love about these precious, showy blooms.

  • They are simply perfect for weddings and other formal ceremonies.
  • Still, they are cute and casual enough to hang out around the house or be a regular part of home décor. 
  • No one can get tired of looking at their incredible and vibrant colors colorful appearance.
  • These can give you a delightful trove of tidbits to send and impress your loved ones at any special event.
  • Even Calla Lilies can also be placed in memories of someone you love.

Callas are some of the most gorgeous little things on the planet. They are having an old history and symbolism to boot. So before picking up these very own beautiful Calla lily flowers, it is cool and exciting to know about a few interesting facts about these flowers:

·       Calla Lilies are not very friendly:

Calla lilies are gorgeous, but the most essential parts of original calla lily care are keeping your children and pets from accidentally consuming them. 

Though these blooms look innocent and precious, actually they are poisonous. They can be a reason to induce nausea and vomiting. Even in some cases, Calla Lilies can also be fatal if consumed by small children and pets.

·       Meanings and symbolism associated with Calla Lilies:

The history of calla lilies is ancient, and they have been used in ceremonies and celebrations since the times of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. 

According to some legends, Calla Lilies are originated from the divine milk drops of goddess Hera. Actually, Hercules was born from a mortal mother and his father Zeus drugged and tricked his goddess wife Hera to develop divine powers inside baby Hercules.

When Hera came to senses, she threw Hercules off, spilling a few drops of milk onto the earth. At that place, calla lilies sprouted. It is the reason that calla lilies had goddess-like beauty. But when the goddess Venus got jealous from there breathtaking beauty, she cursed them, and a protruding spike appears up in their centre. 

In actual, the spike in the centre of Calla Lily itself is the actual flower, and the petals like part are actually leaves.

If we talk about the ancient Egyptians and Roman mythologies, according to them the phallic shape of the spike in the centre of Calla Lilies associates these flowers with sexuality and fertility. 

Romans also used Calla Lilies to usher in the winter solstice and made their presence a symbol of the passing of the winter season. They usually plant these flowers at the doorways of their homes to demonstrate wealth and power. They even decorated Calla Lilies with golden filaments.

·       Calla Lilies are not even lilies:

Here it is important to clarify that calla lilies are not actually lilies at all. Calla lilies are biologically known as ‘’Zantedeschia aethipica’’, and they are also called arum lilies. 

The real lilies are part of the genus Lilium, and these original lilies have no relation with Calla Lilies. These two flowers don’t actually belong to the same plant family, but only share the same name. This shared name can be misleading.

·       Colors of Calla Lilies:

Commonly Calla Lilies are available in white color. Still, they are available in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, black, pink, purple, and orange. 

The colored varieties of Calla Lilies are called mini calla lilies, and each variety has a different meaning:

  • White lilies naturally represent purity and innocence.
  • Purple calla lilies are associated with passion, royalty, and grace.
  • Yellow ones denote gratitude.
  • Pink Calla represents appreciation and admiration.
  • Black calla lilies are more of a maroon or dark purple color than black but have a striking and dramatic appearance. They symbolize elegance and mystery. 

·       Calla Lilies and associated tradition to this flower:

There are many fascinating traditions associated with Calla Lilies. Use of white Calla Lilies is so much in as wedding flowers. It is because they traditionally symbolize sincere devotion, divinity, and marital bliss. 

While, the use of white calla lilies is also widespread at funerals where they represent the purification of a departed soul, sympathy, and peace.

More specifically, Calla Lilies are the flowers mainly used to represent the 6th wedding anniversary.

Calla Lilies vs. Lilies:

 It’s a tough job to choose between Calla lilies and Lilies as it is pretty clear that in terms of beauty, you can’t go wrong with any of this flower choice. 

But, Calla Lilies are associated with faith, holiness, and purity. In addition to it as the cone-line flowers that blossom in spring, Calla Lilies are also the representatives of youth and rebirth.

Sola wood Calla Lilies:

Are you worried about setting off someone’s allergies or want to make these blooms an essential part of your indoors without any tension?

Maybe you are thinking of scent- or pollen-free lilies or calla lilies, rather than the fragrant, pollen-filled Oriental flowers.

But what about sending these unusual blooms to a house full of children and pets?

Sola wood flowers are faux blooms, but their astonishing resemblance with real flowers can make you confused between the real and sola wood Calla Lilies. Wooden Calla Lilies are beautifully handcrafted with all the natural imperfections that provide these artificial mimics of original Calla Lilies an extraordinary realistic appearance. 

With no pollens and no fragrance wooden Calla Lilies allow you to present these flowers to anyone without being worried for pollen allergy or asthma. 

It is mentioned earlier in this blog post that Calla Lilies are poisonous flowers and may cause real harm to the children and pets. Sola wood identical of Calla Lilies gives you a peace of mind to use these blooms as a floral arrangement for your home. There is no need to worried about sending these blooms to friend or family member having pets and children.

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