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May 09, 2021 4 min read

Treats for your Seats!

You probably knew nothing, such as a bit of info, when you began planning your wedding reception. You will be challenged to make all choices, from the wedding invitation cards and linens to the central part of the flowers and cocktails.

But overlooking the chair decoration can make your overall wedding venue look a little incomplete. Although the fact that the reception desks are left when they arrive is not incorrect, especially the bride's seats are a friendly, easy way to put your wedding personality. Chair backs can be as plain or decorated as you like, from flower arrangements to whimsical signs and leafy girls. Take the rental shops and pull in antique painting chairs, a sofa, or a canary bench. Your guests might look in uniform, but it is necessary for newlyweds chairs, particularly if you're sitting at their wedding party, to stand out on your wedding day.

The chair decoration is a perfect option with infinite options and inspiration and a fun way to bring a little charm and personality to your wedding décor. You can find a way of splashing your wedding chairs according to your type, theme, and budget, from the lush floral and the hand-painted signs to the basic DIY poses that are super easy to replicate. A few signature chairs can be made at the top table, or anything can be done with all your wedding chairs.

Impressive wedding chair décor:

In order to inspire you, woodflowers.com has collected some of the favorite ideas for wedding decoration for the wedding chair.

  • Leaves are more common to use in marriages on their own. You can use various varieties of soft grey leaves, like eucalyptus and barled eucalyptus, to create a loose swag bound to the chair with white lace. This foliage shield is a perfect choice to decorate your happy pair's chairs, and you will surely love to see how a more laid-back boho kind of atmosphere provides loose natural foliage!
  • With a floral end spring chair attached to the side, you can transform an old wooden chair into just a picture-perfect look. Use green bell foliage, cream narcissi, orange ranunculus, or blue Muscari as they bring a colorful touch to your Spring Wedding brilliantly. You can add a dark color silk ribbon to the chair decoration that lights up the chair against the dark wood.
  • The Chiavari whitewash chairs are popular for venues which are perfect as they are neutral and fit well in all color schemes. It's an excellent idea for any chaise lining the aisle to use bound bunches, which give the bride unique color, decoration, and lines! You can choose any summer flowers with raffia to the end of the chair to marry King Barn.
  • You can use the most beautiful soft peaches and pale, pink tones to produce a floral swag. Use soft translucent foliage with asparagus fern and berried eucalyptus and eucalyptus with pale pink Jasmine to offer a romantic feeling.

Use sola wood flowers to decorate your wedding chairs:

Being sticking to your wedding budget can be one of the most challenging aspects of the big day's preparation. But it doesn't mean you have to compromise your wedding décor for the sake of not using expensive flowers for wedding chair decorations. There are countless ways to distinguish the wedding chairs from the others, from the flower guerrilla to the signs "bride" and "Groom." All of these decorations are an excellent means of identifying the newly wedded places.

The entry of sola wood flowers in the wedding industry has opened a new way of using wedding flowers in almost every wedding décor. Sola wood flowers can be the ideal option for wedding chair decorations. These flowers are durable and long-lasting, so it is easy to use these blooms in simple, complicated kinds of floral arrangements for wedding chairs. Wooden blooms are easy to dye, and there is no issue of choosing only a limited type of flowers (available in a particular season with their custom colors). Still, now you can choose any kind of flower irrespective of their color or seasonal availability.

With no pollens and fragrances, they also provide you the freedom to use these flowers in chair decorations without thinking much about pollen allergy or scent allergy issues. These flowers are affordable yet re-useable, and you can use these floral chair decorations as keepsakes of your wedding to give your wedding guests.

It is unnecessary to get a floral artist's services to create your sola wood floral décor for wedding chairs, but you and your friends can DIY these arrangements so easily. Here it is given a simple yet elegant and sophisticated chair floral arrangement that will definitely beautify the entire look of your wedding chairs.

DIY wedding chair floral décor

Things you need to make wedding chair decorations:

  • Sola wood garden Roses (of any color you desire)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Gauge silver wires
  • Parvifolia Eucalyptus
  • String
  • Olive foliage
  • Spray roses

How to DIY a wedding chair floral décor?

  1. Cut the foliage about 10cm in length into small sections.
  2. Take a wire and attach foliage stems.
  3. Cut off the surplus stem.
  4. Select additional leaf stalks and do the same.
  5. Bind both together - one trio to the left and the other trio to the right.
  6. Choose other foliage - ideally more significant leafy bits and tie it to the top.

How to wire the flowers?

  1. Cut the rose trunk to around one inch in length under the head.
  2. Use loose sola wood roses in any color you like, and Insert a 56-gauge wire into the rose's calyx so that the rose is in the wire.
  3. Turn down the wires to the stems and loop around the floral trunk (and round the other piece of the wire.)
  4. Stick the leaf in two ways with the chair - this can be accomplished with a ribbon or loop.
  5. Fill the leaf with wired flowers and tuck them into the leaves.
  6. For a more decorative touch, you may even apply a trailing ribbon.

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