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August 14, 2021 4 min read

The therapeutic use of flowers is traditionally termed "Psychometry." As the name implies, this floral therapy connects flowers to our psyche, which we may use to mirror our state of health and discover elements of our existence that are out of balance. A particular flower can be utilized as a tool for counseling to give insight and ideas for solutions to our health and personal issues.

How do we associate with colors?

All human beings instinctively link colors with emotions. It may come as no surprise that colors may be utilized to affect our moods through color therapy. After all, we're used to expressing ourselves via color. The human mind associates different colors with different emotions, such as:

  • When we are happy, we see pink
  • When we are sad, we see blue
  • When we are furious, we see red,
  • When we are envious, we see green

What is color therapy, and how it works?

Color therapy is also known as Chromotherapy. It affects your well-being by utilizing the advantages of various colors and hues. Each color has its light wavelength; color therapy concepts harness the energy of each color to improve your mental and physical health.

Flower color therapy lifts your spirits:      

Floristry is a technique used to help us release work tension with anxiety and keep us away from depression. Working with natural components helps your overactive brain and hush the ideas that used to emerge as worry.

Nothing beats a bouquet of colorful blossoms to brighten your mood and decor, whether it's increasing your mood or decreasing stress. According to color therapists, various colors connect to different vibrations throughout the body. Therapists think that if your vibrations are distorted, they may be rectified and rebalanced using the appropriate colors.

Add flowers in your life:

Flowers bring colors in our lives that help the mind, soul, and body recover and refresh. Grow flowers in your garden or in pots to bring colors to your outdoor surroundings. You can add sola wood flowers as a natural and eco-friendly substitute for real flowers in your indoor environment to make it colorful.

Here are few color options and flower options to add to your daily life to boost your mood and improve health:

1.    Green flowers:

When you consider how you feel when surrounded by lush vegetation, it's easy to see why this color is so strongly connected with serenity. Green, being an earth color, invites nature into the home. It is a relaxing and serene character that aids us in dealing with stressful sensations and maintaining balance and serenity. A meditation place surrounded by lush green plants and flowers may be ideal.

Hellebores in green are the best flower that you can add to your home interior for green color. Otherwise, sola wood flowers are easy to dye, and they allow you to have any flower you like in your desired colors.

2.    Red flowers:

Red color increases bravery, physical vigor, and attentiveness. Red boosts physical vitality, improves awareness in color therapy, and boosts confidence and courage, making it an ideal hue for expressing emotions.

Red roses are connected with love and the heart as a symbol of romance and passion. Roses are generally the first flowers that spring to mind when we think about red flowers. Traditionally connected with love and passion, rose bushes add a romantic ambiance to the landscape with their appearance and scent. Poppies are a less typical red flower. Red poppies are stunning, delicate, and eye-catching. Add sola wood roses or poppies in your home interior to spread love and happiness.

3.    Pink flowers:

Pink tulips elicit feelings of kindness, sympathy, and affection. Pink is a color associated with relaxation and has relaxing qualities. Pink flowers have a reputation for cheering people up, and thankfully, there are probably a million different varieties to choose from. The much-loved peony, on the other hand, is one of our favorite old-fashioned pink perennials. Pink peonies and pink tulips are the perfect flowers to add to your living room bedroom or even your dining room to have bright surroundings.

4.    Orange flowers:

Orange is one of the warmest and most vivid colors that bring excitement and boost your mood. Have some Orange ranunculus to brighten even the darkest winter days by rebalancing enthusiasm, optimism, and wisdom.

5.    Purple flowers:

Purple encourages tranquility, creativity, and inspiration. It has a magical quality. Purple pansies are unbeatable for their mood-boosting burst, and purple Anemones are the ideal present to keep you motivated and inspired for all of your creative pursuits, as well as to keep you tranquil.

Purple flowers come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from tiny grape hyacinths to towering alliums and climbing clematis. Fill a container with these beautiful purple beauties, the ideal spring plants, and they'll put a smile on everyone's face.

6.    Yellow flowers:

Coreopsis and Chrysanthemums are bright yellow flowers that are endemic to Iowa. It attracts pollinators and provides lots of sunshine from early summer to late fall. If you have some pollen allergy issues, replace these natural flowers with their sola wood versions to avoid pollens. Coreopsis comes in approximately 100 different variations, including both perennial and annual forms. The yellow color evokes sentiments of joy and warmth. Chrysanthemums also represent optimism and joy, making them the ideal flower and color to have in your house throughout the gloomy, dismal winter months.

7.    Blue flowers:

Blue is a soothing color that is reminiscent of the sea and sky. When life becomes a little hectic, blue might help to reset a busy mind. Forget-me-nots are traditional blue color blooms that promote mental clarity, aspiration, and creative expression.

Blue color flowers might be challenging to find in the gardening world. Forget-me-nots and Himalayan Blue Poppy are the two most excellent flowers for displaying genuine blues. Unfortunately, Himalayan Blue Poppies are exceedingly difficult to grow and scarce but don't worry; you may have their sola wood version. Forget-me-nots, on the other hand, are considerably more forgiving, and they produce a slew of lovely tiny blue blooms from spring through summer. They thrive in proper sunlight and should naturalize nicely in your garden, but if you want to put these blooms in your living room, sola wood mimics of these blooms are just perfect.

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