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December 17, 2020 4 min read

"Christmas and flowers bring joy, colors, and hope altogether, and we need all of these during COVID."

Flowers are not considered as one of the essential parts of Christmas celebrations. Flowers usually don't bloom in winters, and people tend to focus on holly, mistletoe, and pines. Still, few flowers hold great significance at the festive time of year, just like poinsettias.

These colorful creations of Mother Nature are the happy part of Christmas rituals and forge an inseparable hold on traditional celebrations with their vibrant appearance. There are few but so lovely blooms available naturally that you can associate with this long holiday season.

Beautifully arranged fresh amaryllis, paperwhites, and poinsettias bloom to create a stunning interior to celebrate happiness, love, and the holiday spirit. It is a satisfying complement to see clusters of colorful blooms on sideboards, doors, and tabletops as their presence bring elegance and freshness without a lot of fuss.

Flowers are also part of Christmas decorations, not only to change your house's entire look, but they can be therapeutic too. In today's tough time with COVID-19, isolation, and work from home scenarios, flowers can positively help us relax.

In this pandemic, no one wants to have anything that exchanges so many hands, not even fresh flowers. Since artificial flowers have a longer shelf life and can also be sanitized, their demand has increased dramatically.  

This year, what if sola wood flowers are the new originals for the festive season?

Sola wood flowers are the faux blooms contributing a lot in shedding the stigma of fake flowers. These are the flowers made from the bark of balsa tree wood. These 100% biodegradable and nature-friendly flowers have captured the floral wedding industry within no time, and now these are ready to rock your Christmas too. These are handmade flowers with a realistic touch of imperfection that makes these blooms equally stunning, sophisticated, and elegant like real flowers.

Sola wood blooms are also offering a natural-looking appearance with refreshing fragrances. These flowers are less perishable but equally reviving beauties with their outstanding benefits:

·       Flowers with no allergies:

Allergies can be harmful anyway; with COVID, they can be worse. For people having some allergy issues, sola wood flowers are the best option to decorate their home for Christmas. With the hypoallergenic ability, they look so real that you may feel tempted to water these blooms.

The winter season provokes the issues of flu and cough that can be promoted with flower pollens. You can place sola wood flowers anywhere in your house without any problems of sneezing, coughing, flu, or asthma.

·       No need to stick with in-season blooms:

Seasons may stop you from having your favorite blooms at the time of Christmas. Still, sola wood flowers give access to your favorite flowers throughout the year. These are in season all year round and can keep your home filled with warm summer vibes during winters.

·       Always "Guest Ready" and eco-friendly:

Sola wood flowers for Christmas are not only for the festival season, but these are grace saving even on the off chance of having an unexpected visitor. These flowers are easy to install, and you can upkeep these blooms with little regular maintenance. Their bio-degradability and natural origin is an added plus, which we are really in need of during this pandemic.

·       Bring innovative vibes:

Think of yellow amaryllis or blue poinsettias!

Sounds strange???

We love innovation, and sometimes it is good to be a little out of the way. Christmas has so many traditions, just like having red poinsettias and amaryllis. Still, you can turn the page with sola wood amaryllis and poinsettias in various colors.

Wood flowers are easy to dye, so you can have any flower of your choice in any color you wish to give them.

  • Find your inner creative side:

Self-isolation is overwhelming, especially when celebrations are hard to stay away from gatherings and parties. This Christmas can be a little boring for you with strict SOP's, but you can engage yourself in search of your inner hidden talent.

Sola wood flowers are easy to make, and with little guidance and practice, you can DIY your sola wood flowers for Christmas. It will be fun spending time in a healthy activity of making sola wood flowers and then dying these blooms in different colors for Christmas.

·       The real things:

Sola wood flowers, in particular, are deceptively natural to the inexperienced eyes. Their natural foliage textures and true-to-life petals make people confused about their real identity. Even you can choose sola wood flowers with floral fragrances to add a more realistic touch. The highly absorbent surface of wooden flowers allows fragrances to diffuse in the room. You can also use these flowers as scent diffusers.

·       Long-lasting Christmas with long-lasting memories:

Sola wood flowers are not real, and this member of the faux floral family can be kept as it is for a long time. With little care and cleaning, you can keep sola wood flowers as it is for years. You can save your floral arrangements for next Christmas, or these can be reused in some other floral arrangements and centerpieces.

These long-lasting blooms can be reformed in case of facing any damage to their appearance.

·       Affordability is a bonus:

The uncertain financial situations are impacting the purchasing power of the common man. This critical issue is affecting the celebration vibes also. It is hard to see homes decked up with flowers without spending a considerable holiday budget.

There is nothing better than using sola wood faux flowers to create a natural spark to your Christmas floral decor process. 


This December you should choose sola wood flowers for so many good reasons.

Pick fake flowers for real reasons.

This Christmas, satisfy your floral taste with sola wood flowers. It is a fun idea to invest your time and money in crafting and buying sola wood flowers to celebrate Christmas in a little different but safe way.

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