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December 18, 2020 4 min read

According to Paul Downs;

"Christmas is the time all about amazing flowers, beautiful yards, laughter, and dinner parties to impress the people and having the Christmas lights just right."

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Even if you are not very fond of the winter season, lots of flowers, Christmas tree decorations, and old traditions surely help you keep warm. This time of holidays, celebrations, and family gatherings is merely dull and incomplete without flowers.

No doubt for most people, there are religious and secular reasons alike to celebrate Christmas.

And why not!

It is the ideal excuse to be happy and spend time with family and friends to exchange cheers and give gifts to loved ones. When it comes to giving gifts one and other, beautiful arrangements with flowers are the very first option that comes to mind.

Flowers are gorgeous; they have their own charisma and glamour to heat up the year's chilled season with their bright appearance, vibrant colors, and sweet fragrances. Flowers have the power to get people in the holiday spirit and make it possible for the sender to remain close to the heart of the receiver forever. Flowers make Christmas time more cheerful with stunning winter aesthetics and high spirit. Flowers are the best way to invoke all these reasons, so you need to plan for your floral arrangements for this festive season:

There is a good variety of Christmas flowers you can pick from to use for table centerpieces, Christmas decorations, and as a present for people you love and make them feel special. Here is a list of traditional Christmas flowers from woodflowers.com to help you choose your option. Sola wood version of these real flowers is equally magnificent. It can be used instead of real flowers in case of not finding your favorite ones.

Traditional flowers for Christmas:

Though you are free to pick any flowers, you love to celebrate Christmas, but this time of the year is best to honor traditions. These traditions help generations of people get into the actual spirit of this festival, and flowers do the same.

Some of the famous traditional Christmas flowers are:

·       Poinsettia:

There is really no Christmas without bold and bright Poinsettia. These are the most traditional Christmas flowers that actually scream "CHRISTMAS." These flowers grow in the winter season, and no centerpiece arranged for Christmas is complete without this bloom. With its broad crimson petals contrasted by deep green leaves and stem, this aesthetically pleasing flower is simply eye-catching. A pop of yellow in their center grabs attention without looking overbearing. An arrangement of Poinsettia with gold ribbons in the middle of a dinner table makes it a timelessly trendy arrangement for Christmas celebrations.

·       Christmas Roses:

Christmas Roses are the flowers that grow in the middle of the winter season. These Roses are far away from the traditional roses as they are part of the buttercup family. Christmas Roses have delicate white petals with pale pink hues on edges. These flowers fully bloom in peak winters and add an exquisite touch to any floral feature arrangement at homes.

·       Amaryllis:

These flowers are commonly known as "winter lilies." Its name amaryllis is derived from a Greek word which means "to sparkle," and this meaning actually suits a flower for Christmas. These blooms are ideal for adding a festive touch to any corner of your home with their elegant appearance. These bold yet dainty flowers are available in a variety of shades of red and white.

This dramatic flower is another popular choice for centerpieces. You can pair these blooms with filler flowers like sprigs of holly or baby's breath to enhance centerpieces' beauty to give enough glitter to the environment. With its bright color and contrasting emerald leaves, it adds a trendy touch to the Christmas decors.

·       Roses:

Roses adjust with almost every occasion, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or even a funeral. Having roses in Christmas décor simply looks lovely. Ripe red roses with dark green stems make a perfect appearance on a Christmas date with someone extraordinary in your life. Roses have thorns representing the Christmas holiday spirit since they symbolize tiny icicles.

·       Mistletoe:

There is nothing more romantic than sharing a few passionate and intimate moments with a loved one under the shades of mistletoe. Technically they are not flowers, but it has flowers that grow into berries. This plant has a positive association with fertility and luck, so it is considered a must for Christmas celebrations.

·       Cyclamen:

Cyclamen is a beautiful potted plant that can create your everyday living space into a mesmerizing wonderland. This plant has large green leaves with marble texture and gorgeous pastel petals. Their more trendy appearance due to the ombre-like pattern makes it a prior choice for more fashion forwards. Cyclamens scream "SENTIMENTAL," and they are the representatives of love, romance, and affection that make this plant perfect for Christmas gifts.

·       Bleeding Hearts:

Bleeding hearts are the flowers that bring perfect romantic vibes during the chilled weather of December. As a perfect Christmas gift, these less traditional flowers look really impressive. These blooms with the shape of tiny hearts arranged in a line at the stem they sprout out to appear just heart throbbing.

To express your love for someone special for the first time this Christmas, choose this bunch of tiny hearts and add a flair to the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

·       Rosemary:

To add a pop of colors with a divine smell in your home, choose Rosemary. This mini Christmas tree has the perfect petite size for those who cannot bring a standard Christmas tree in their homes. Its fragrance is so soothing, and it can be used in a number of dishes too. According to many people, Rosemary brings luck into your home and introduces a unique color palette.


Sleighbells is just to ring!

Be prepared for the festive month with flowers.

This Christmas, don't stick yourself with a classical centerpiece with pinecones and green needles. Use all these flowers for a variety of unique and stunning floral arrangements. Having lots of stars, Christmas lights, and snowflake shape decorations give your indoors a unique touch, and have fun getting into the Christmas spirit.

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