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April 30, 2020 3 min read

Arts and crafts have been of foremost interest everywhere in the world. Since the very beginning, people have always tried to do something different from the things available in their surroundings. They tried to do experiments from a variety of things around them. Some of which failed while others made great changes in the world. One of such tries was made years ago to create flowers out of wood called sola wood and therefore, flowers were named as sola wood flowers. These flowers got high in demand because of their natural look. People prefer these flowers in every way. Today, sola wood crafts find its usage more than natural and plastic-based flowers. This is success accounts for the characteristics of sola wood flowers that are beyond every limitation. Hence, it is a great opportunity for everyone to learn this art and get into the idea of making wood flowers.

Sola wood flower crafts

Sola wood flowers are not merely a piece of handmade flowers but might be a way out of distress and low moods. To boost up your mind, and uplift your talent, try to make these wood flowers in this lockdown. This masterpiece will suppress your stress hormones and will make you feel better. Sola wood crafts are so handy that even if you do not know anything in detail about it, you can still try to make them within no time. Above all, you can try to make these wood flowers with your children. This will make them very enthusiastic about your involvement with them.

Let us begin

Before you begin, you should know a little basic about these wood flowers. They are the most unique form that could be tried to make up your homes or even offer as a gesture of thanks to your loved one. Trust us, it will make them feel special. Here, we will give you some mind-blowing ideas to look and work upon. You can alter them as your ease.

Create flat petals

You can form sola wood flowers in different shapes as per your preference. One of these is flat shape petals. They are simplest to make and manage especially as a beginner.

Sharp pointed edges

This looks a bit complex but not so. The sharply pointed petals of sola wood flowers will give a succulent yet, fore pretty than others. This shape is little complicated but still can be made in lesser time

Number of sepals

We have a clear idea that most people like to have flowers with bigger petals pattern but as a beginner, if you try this, you might end up with disappointment because as you increase the number of petals your task will become more problematic. So stay calm and work with baby steps.

Add life to your flowers

You may try some bold colors to brings your flowers to life. You can either try oil paints as well as spray paints but make sure, you give them enough time to dry and get absorbed on the surface of the flower.


Sola wood flowers are not difficult to make. All you need is consistency and a mind that is ready to face challenges in the field and try new ideas to work upon. Sola wood crafts can be managed quite easily. Have patience and keep on trying.

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