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April 29, 2020 2 min read

Since the ages, science, and technology have dominated over everything but because nothing stays consistent and therefore, the arts and crafts also gained prestige in the recent decade. The overall market share of the arts industry greatly increases. Among all the crafts, sola wood flowers are most in-demand in the crafts industry. Yearly, people tend to earn huge business from buying and selling processes. Hence this is the most in-demand crafts of this century. Today, so many people earn their bread and butter very efficiently by sola wood crafts. There are several reasons why the business took a turn towards the craft. Here, we will discuss topmost 5 reasons why sola wood flowers are in demand and all the craftsperson are taking interest in it.

Versatile usage

Every project can be made better by the addition of Sola Wood Flowers. No matter if it is a baby cart, centerpiece, bouquet, soft board, hair clips you will find its application everywhere. Apart from this, utilizing wood flowers is suitable for any event like a wedding, baby shower, funeral, birthday, National Hug day, etc. Their versatile usage makes them preferable by every craftsperson.

Easily personalized to desired colors and scents

Wood flowers can be transformed into any color form that you could ever imagine. Try to make use of acrylic paint mixed up with Sola wood softener along with water while dipping them. After some time, you will be amazed to see how sola wood flowers attain their colors so naturally.

The main issue with wood flowers is that you will lose the scent of a natural flower. Don’t worry, you can scent wood flowers with desired essential oils. The essential oil fragrance can last up to 6 months! What else can be this permanent in arts? Only by using a few drops of essential oil, your whole room will smell up for months to come. This looks adequate for a living room decoration.

Sola wood flowers are never out of style

You might be worried that wood flowers can’t last long. Yet, it is just a myth. They can live longer as compared to the usual flowers. They never die if you take care of them. All you have to do to keep the wood flowers soft and in the original shape you need to do spray a few drops of water every 2-3 months.

Perfect for any type of budget

The most amazing thing about Sola Wood Flowers is that there will always be several options to save money on your orders. You just have to check out the discount banner on a seller’s website, any clearance sale, loyalty treatments, or any other programs that will offer you big discounts. What else, one can ask!

Unique in their way

Sola wood crafts earn great business because of the uniqueness that it carries within.  There are still some people who have never heard of a wood flower before. Just imagine their surprised look when you ask them to witness the magical flowers. If you are a craftsperson, this is the best chance to offer something out of the box to your customers.

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