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April 07, 2020 2 min read

When comes to making someone feel special or reviving a bond, flowers are the easiest source to do so. Nature has created so many different varieties of flowers that are instinct in their way. However, there are certain mishaps like they attract insects, that is not a good thing at all. Instead of natural ones, what if you have hand made flowers from the naturally gathered resources. Interesting! Yes of course, so, why not spending a little more time to give your art a break by creating your wood flowers- yes! It is not that difficult.

Wood flowers

There are so many forms of wood flowers that can be easily made from natural resources of woody bark. Two of the most famous and lovable forms are wooden roses and sola wood flowers. They are extremely beautiful and attractive in their specifications. They are the work of art that is being employed far and wide. The global demand for sola wooden flowers are especially increasing because of its delicacy and fineness. Above all, their papery texture and long life add up all the perks in its features.

Try your self-enlist the things first and get it done

Craft Paint 

It's always great to use craft paint whenever you want to dye sola wood flowers. You can avail of the paint bottle in just $0.50 and hence, it’s a great option to invest.


Clippers are one of the most important parts of making wood flowers. These are usually used to cut down the floral wire to make stems of wood flowers.

Floral Wire

A casual 18 gauge floral wire for stem mostly for the arrangement of the vase and even bouquets. The upper the gauge number is, the more flexible the wire will be.

Floral Foam

You may buy this much easily at any craft store. This will be helpful for vase arrangement and even hold the wire at their place firmly

Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a key player in making wood flowers. However, you do not need to worry about getting a power glue gun because any low-temperature glue gun will be fruitful for giving a fine and simple look to your crafted flowers. This glue gun will be used in creating stems of the flowers. There is an easy trick for this, you may take a small cork dish and melt your glue there to keep it in use during your project.

Silicone mat

This is not mandatory, but it is an easy tool for a variety of projects. This mat is perfect in catching the hot glue from the glue gun, it will, however, make your project far neat and compass all the better ways for you. 


Since you have got so many items to initiate for your wood flowers, you may begin now and plan to but them as soon as you could. Trust us! You will get the desired formations of a variety of sola wood flowers even rosewood will not be a burden to create. Start today and get your things done.

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