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July 11, 2021 4 min read

Flowers and floral arrangements are almost an unavoidable part of any wedding. Flowers are used to creating bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres. All these items are beautiful to look at, but they also assist in unifying the wedding's theme and color scheme.

Flowers & our environment:

Flowers appear to be 100% "green" or environmentally friendly. However, not all flowers are cultivated, harvested, or distributed in the same environmentally beneficial manner, especially the flowers cultivated as wedding blooms need pesticides and fertilizers that are not eco-friendly.

Only those flowers are environmentally beneficial that are watered effectively and are not treated with pesticides. If you are an eco-conscious bride, you must also think about the packing and materials that may be necessary and how far the flowers will have to travel. This is the reason many responsible brides are turning to floral options that are eco-friendly. In this age of increased environmental concern, woodflowers.com provides you with some flower arrangement ideas that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.

Why avoid natural flowers for bridal bouquets?

Flowers are primarily natural, although some have been chemically altered. Pesticides are used in some of the crops. Many of them are carried from afar, resulting in needless carbon emissions. And, no matter how lovely they are, they all have an impact on the environment. Don't get worried; you don't have to get rid of your bridal bouquet entirely if you want to have a green wedding. Using alternatives for natural flowers and making little adjustments with your preferences can make it easy for you to have a green wedding.

Eco-friendly flower alternatives:

Here are five beautiful eco-friendly wedding bouquets for your big day. All of the alternatives discussed here help the environment by avoiding pesticides and other hazardous chemicals in the production of bridal flower bouquets. Given suggestions also include using local, seasonal flowers that don't need to be sent for and using alternative materials such as paper, wood, or even food is a more practical option.

1.    Use an organic bouquet:

It can be a pretty expensive option for a bridal bouquet. You can carry fluffy soft cotton flowers with tiny flashes of color. This is an attractive option not only for the bridal bouquet but for the entire bridal party. The cotton bridal bouquet trend is gaining popularity with time. They appear to be particularly popular for barn and outdoor weddings. They're an attractive option for any wedding season, and you can combine this bunch of cotton flowers with greenery, lavender, and/or wheat stalks to add more texture.

2.    Sola wood floral bouquet:

Beautiful, durable, affordable, and eco-friendly! Sola wood flowers are a combination of all these qualities. By opting for a sola wood bouquet, you may make your wedding day eco-friendly while still enjoying beautiful flowers. Sola wood flowers are made from the shavings of marshy plants, and they give a balsa wood-like feel and texture. The peel may be trimmed back, and the interior shaved and sculpted to appear like genuine flowers.

Sola wood flowers may be created to resemble roses, peonies, dahlias, and other flowers. These flowers are easy to dye, and you can get countless variations of colors with these impressive blooms. Sola wood flowers never wilt, dry, and die so that you can keep these flowers as a keepsake of your wedding day for years.

3.    Floral bouquet with single flower:

This is a simple yet spectacular option if you pick a large, colorful, or unique flower to go down the aisle with. Consider bringing a single sunflower, a single unusually colored rose, a calla lily, or an orchid. A complete procession of single flowers would be incredibly amazing and unique and would only cost the planet a couple of blooms instead of 6-7 full bouquets.

4.    Carry a bouquet of greenery:

Do you want a stunning bridal bouquet that isn't made up of any flowers?

Go for a greenery arrangement using fresh plants and vines from a local florist. Use greenery like eucalyptus, jasmine vine, and green trick dianthus of the plants used to create a stunning wedding bouquet. These are perfect for a bohemian wedding or a rustic gathering. You can glamorize your green bouquet with a few eco-friendly flowers strewn among a greenery bouquet. It may appear even more lovely.

5.    Choose a bouquet of paper flowers:

As a bride, you have the freedom to make your one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet out of paper if you're a DIY diva and knows well that how to be handy. You can build a beautiful paper flower bouquet with recycled paper, floral wire, tape, and scissors to bring down the aisle on your wedding day. Paper flower bouquets can be made in whatever color you like. These paper flowers are unlike actual flowers, which must be dyed to fit specific color palettes.

It's simple to construct a paper flower bouquet that complements your bridesmaid gowns and another wedding décor, whether the wedding color palette is navy blue, blush pink, burgundy, or another hue.

6.    Birchwood flowers bouquet:

Birch is a lightweight wood with tiny grains on it, and its shavings may be used to produce fake flowers that appear just like genuine things with a bit of creative flair. Do remember! Making birch wood flowers is not a DIY project unless you're an expert at wood carving.

7.    Do you like edible floral bouquets?

Instead of fake flowers, why don't you think of using fruit, vegetables, and dried herbs to make a beautiful display! Some fruits and vegetables may be made to seem like flowers with some careful cutting, snipping, and arranging. This is a fantastic way to be eco-friendly and display your sense of design if you're planning a rustic wedding in your garden or a barn wedding on a farm.

Are you confused as to what sort of vegetables to use?

Try substituting purple cabbage for actual flowers. As leaves, use green cabbage. As "filler" flowers, use artichokes, blueberries, kumquats, and dried herbs.


The concept of a green wedding is not all about bridal bouquets or centerpieces, but you can use eco-flowers for boutonnieres, corsages, and bridesmaids bouquets too.

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