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July 08, 2021 4 min read

Life is all about festivities and celebrations, and one of the most acceptable ways to convey appreciation and thanks to loved ones is to give them flowers. Whether those friends and family members live nearby or in distant locations around the globe, giving them these silent messengers is the best possible way to show your love and care. Flower bouquets are essential accessories to display and symbolize love, affection, and aesthetics. Especially when a bride needs to walk down the aisle, a floral bouquet is a must to double up her charm, grace, and elegance.

Think before choosing real flowers for a wedding!

Undoubtedly, real flower bouquets are breathtakingly adorable and quite expensive too. You also have to stay restricted about color options and the seasonal availability of fresh blooms. But the main issue is that they don’t last long and may not adjust to the complicated floral arrangements for wedding decorations. An adequate number of wedding planners and florists Sola Wood Flowers are perfect alternative couples should consider instead of real or other types of faux flowers. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of wood flowers one by one:

Pros of sola wood flowers:

  • Sola wood flowers are easy to make and Inexpensive to choose in bulk for any event or floral arrangements.
  • These are handcrafted blooms that look adorable with their customized appearance that is almost identical to real flowers.
  • Wood flowers are the best possible eco-friendly and biodegradable faux blooms option safe for any sort of floral allergies and asthma patients.
  • Proper care and regular dusting can make these flowers everlasting. Most brides prefer sola wood flowers as their bridal bouquet blooms to keep as a keepsake of their beautiful wedding memories. 
  • Wood flowers are easy to customize, and you can paint these flowers in any natural or glamorous color option.

Cons of sola wood flowers:

  • Wood flowers are prone to damages. Careless handling may deform the shape of the blooms.
  • Sola wood flowers are fragile and need regular dusting to remain fresh.

Construction of Sola Wood Flowers:

These flowers are made from a marshy plant called Aeschynomene Aspera. This plant can increase, and this is why it is easily renewable. Most people think that the construction of sola wood flowers is a stressful job, but in actual it is not. Sola wood flower making is an art that needs no complicated tools and machinery to construct. With a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun, you can easily construct sola wood flowers. It is not a time taking process to construct wood flowers. The construction time of these wooden blooms depends on the size of the floral arrangement or the type of flower bouquet. 

Types of Sola Wood Flowers:

Sola wood flowers are available in different varieties and qualities. They are available in:

  • Bridal bouquets
  • Centerpieces
  • Craft kits
  • Dyed assortments
  • Fillers
  • Miniature floral versions
  • Raw assortments

These handmade flowers can be crafted in different sizes, shapes, and textures. Raw sola wood floral assortments and wooden filler bloom usually come in bigger sizes. However, it is easy to craft and reshape a sola wood flower according to the preferred size conveniently with the right tools. Handmade sola wood flowers are excellent substitutes for actual flowers. They make certain that you do not have to spend a fortune on the expensive flower for wedding bouquets or corsages.

Tips for creating the best sola wood floral arrangement:

Now there are so many things woodflowers.com has explained to you about wood flowers, their origin, properties, and the making of these stunning blooms. Here are a few exclusive tips for sola wood flower lovers who independently create sola wood floral arrangements. Follow these easy steps to create a beautiful sola wood floral arrangement, whether it is a bouquet, corsage, or a centerpiece that will look more impressive.

After getting raw sola wood flowers, you need to do the following steps to make these blooms ready for an arrangement:

1.     Fluffing of squished wooden flowers:

During careless handling and transportation, sola wood flowers get squished on one side or sometimes you may be want to restyle the wooden flowers according to your requirements. Whatever the reason is, you need to shape up these blooms first.

With the help of water, you can easily reshape the petals of sola wood flowers. After the reshaping of wood flowers, it is essential to dry these blooms before doing anything else. Leave these reshape wood flowers for 12 to 24 hours to dry completely.

2.     Dye sola wood flowers:

Raw sola wood flowers are elegant, classy, and sophisticated because of their natural ivory color. Still, the dyeing of sola wood flowers into various natural and artificial colors takes your creativity to the next level. Sola wood flowers have a porous texture that makes it easy to dye sola wood flowers with acrylic colors. You can also use spray paints, fabric paint, and watercolors to dye sola wood flowers. To create variations in colors, you can dilute the acrylic paints with water for lighter tones.

3.     Stemming and scenting of sola wood flowers:

Stemming sola wood flowers is undoubtedly not an exciting part of this activity, but it is surely an essential part of completing a floral arrangement. You can use bamboo stems or floral wire to stem these flowers. Squeeze enough hot glue into the flower base before poking it with a stem to keep it in place. With the hot glue in place, it will solidify and keep the stem in place. Now you can use oil-based fragrances to scent sola wood flowers. These fragrances last for 3 to 6 months. Drop the oil on the flower base to equally disperse the scent of the oil throughout the bloom. Because of its porous structure, the oil will be able to permeate the petals.


I hope this post was quite informative for you to know sola wood flowers and their features better. Making sola wood flowers, dyeing, stemming, and scenting these blooms is a hobby that allows you to distress yourself and create stunning floral arrangements to boost your creativity.

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