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December 23, 2020 4 min read

An unprecedented combination of flowers and fruits!

For weddings, baby showers, and even basic Sunday night dinners at home, floral arrangements are classic centerpieces. Any decor scheme or party style may usually be brought together by the perfect bouquet. The best thing is that bouquets come in all shapes and sizes, so an arrangement that fits the occasion best is easy to find. 

The trick to transforming the overall effect from beautifully friendly to eye-catching and original is always to incorporate something unexpected into a flower arrangement, to put in a fresh element of color, shape, or texture. While there is a vast range of flowers and foliage to select to accomplish the purpose, even if you stick exclusively to what is seasonally available.

You can choose floral with rich colors or pastel flowers for a light and delicate look for a moody bouquet. You can even take it one step further with DIY floral decor, like a flower chandelier or a flower wall. The customization does not stop, however, with the flowers! You can swap accented leaves, try various vases, and even add fruit! 

Fruits as part of floral arrangements:

In a flower arrangement, what kinds of fruit can be incorporated?

More than you might possibly imagine. The accents or focal points maybe berries, antique fruits such as grapes, or even larger fruits such as lemons, apples, and miniature pineapples. Amid green foliage, a cluster of kumquats could give you a pop of smooth orange, or a pomegranate nestled among lush blossoms may give a bouquet a rich color. 

Here is what you need to know about fruits in floral arrangements:

Tips for using fruit in floral arrangements:

Before preparing, using fruit in bouquets involves some pre-planning and decision-making. It's really helpful to use Professional Tips in floral arrangements so that you can begin on the right foot! 

  • If you use fruit, like a bridal bouquet, make sure you protect the fruit before you start walking around with it in a handheld bouquet. 
  • Try to select fruits that still have a stem so that you can secure them to the stems in your bouquet using floral wire or floral tape. 
  • Larger fruits, such as pomegranates, fit best in the middle of your bouquet, where they are less likely to fall out and tip over. 
  • Holding your bouquet upright is the perfect way to hold the organization together! 
  • If you use fruit in a bridal bouquet, unless you have absolute faith that someone can catch it, and it will not fall on the floor, it is not advisable to use it for your bouquet toss! (To save your beautiful fruit bouquet from any possible harm, use an alternative toss-bouquet instead)
  • Fruits growing on vines, such as grapes and blackberries, add dimension to any place in your arrangement quickly. The vines make it easier to attach to your bouquet, too. Depending on your placement, the abundance of fruit may also add a simple height or width to your bouquet. 
  • Keep in mind that ethylene gas is derived from fruits. This gas speeds up ripening for other items. It can speed up the process of flowers blooming, so take this into account when adding fruit into your arrangements and bouquets. 

Floral bouquets with fruits:

Now that you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, to get an idea of what you would like to make, you can take a look at different bouquets!

  • Blue & white centerpiece with yellow:

Try using just five blue and white hydrangea blooms and a few lemons to increase the wow factor. You can also use Iris, oxford blue, and blue delphiniums flowers with white tulips, carnations, and orchids.

  • Red, pink, and the plum centerpiece:

You'll love the look of tone on tone floral, so you'll note that the centerpiece with some greenery at the base is a common theme. In this fruit and flower arrangement, red gerbera daisies, fuchsia stock, purple alstroemeria, and pink and red tulips can be used. You can add a few scattered berries, skewered plums, and nectarines also.

  • Combine kumquat, rose, and dahlia:

To make a show-stopping arrangement, this autumn-inspired bouquet combines warm colors and tiny berries. The orange and red kumquats complement the flowers' rich colors while giving the overall show a cheerful feel: 

  • Kumquat- If you're looking for smaller fruit accents instead of a big statement item, these rounded ones are a perfect choice. Casually, the fruits hang down and out of their floral neighbors' way. 
  • Rose-The light pink roses help round out this bouquet's rich color palette and set the tone for this fall-themed arrangement. 
  • Dahlia- To this strongly contrasting arrangement, full-bodied dahlias add texture. As lovely statement flowers, these large blooms accompany the roses.
  • Brunia berries with anemone and rose:

Brunia berries are a convenient way to pull together a bouquet without adding to your arrangement too much texture or weight. This bouquet thoughtfully positions the smooth berries among the posh flowers and other protruding greenery for a delicate contrast. With their delicate petals and gentle color, the light orange roses tie the arrangement together.

Brunia Berries- For winter bouquets and arrangements, these decorative berries are common choices. In particular, Silver Brunia is known for its soft color and effortless appearance.

Anemone- To complement the lovely roses and protruding leaves, the anemone flowers softly peek out of this bouquet. Their distinctive dark centers and soft petals make wedding bouquets common choices for these eye-catching flowers.

Rose: These light orange roses bring to this lush bouquet the perfect touch of elegance. To contrast the wild greenery in the bouquet, the roses' great blooms protrude in the right positions.

  • White and citrus:

People love to use much more fruit and fewer flowers for the centerpiece. For this arrangement, add the white hydrangea, white stock, and white daisy gerbera. Then add two halves of a sliced grapefruit and return with lemons, limes, and miniature nectarines/oranges skewered back in. 

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