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February 17, 2020 3 min read

Wooden flowers create a difference!

Wedding trends are dramatically changed, brides are now becoming more innovative and so are their weddings. Beachside weddings, unique theme weddings, and whimsical weddings are no more unusual. Bridesmaids are wearing different color dresses in a single ceremony, traditional fresh flower bouquets are replaced with more stylish, durable, and creative wooden flower bouquets, etc.

But, still, there is one trend that continues to reign supreme in all these years…floral crown. Flowers in her hairs are the stunning match for the elegant bridal bouquet. The only issue with these elegant accessories was that they won’t last much longer. Brides went to all of the troubles to design these accessories creatively but, surely get the withdrawal symptoms when they watch them shrivel up on the very next day. Wooden flowers have given a superb solution for this problem to the brides. Now they can use these flower crowns as a keepsake for their family.

Woodflowers.com creates beautiful wooden flowers that look like the real things and the beautifully crafted petals of these wooden flowers make it hard to distinguish them from real blooms. Brides can make their memories last forever by using these amazingly crafted and designed wooden flower crowns for their bridal look and bridesmaids, and flower girls too. These flower crowns can be designed in a wide variety of styles with various colored flowers to create a huge personal statement about the bride and groom. To select or design a perfect wooden flower crown for the big day, a bride needs to keep the following things in their mind:

What suits you most?

Think about the shape of your face before choosing a floral crown for you. A floral headpiece with single-color flowers is suitable for a bride who wishes for an accessory to look bold and beautiful. For a bride with traditional bridal features and veil has the option to pick a floral crown veil. While to remain consistent with your wedding theme matching flower crown with the bridal bouquet is a wonderful idea. In case of having fine features, a crown with large flowers can overwhelm the bridal look. In this situation, you can go with a subtle look by choosing daisies inserted in your braid.

Wedding style:

For a bohemian wedding select a mix of large and small wooden flowers of different colors. With an elegant white gown when you need to create ethereal looks, a simple crown of greenery with some white roses or daisies is the perfect combination. For a beachside wedding, you can go with a crown made of garden roses. To show your different take on the floral crown, one big statement wooden flower of any color fasten in the headband can be a super cool style.

Never break the rules:

It’s good to be innovative and unique in your own way, but sometimes breaking the rules can be messy and disjointed. Always follow the particular color story of your wedding and match your floral crown with the theme you select for your wedding.

A word from woodflowers.com:

Listen to your heart and create something beautiful that reflects your personality. Woodflowers.com is creating amazing wooden floral wonders for you to help you to get your dream style for your big day.

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