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February 18, 2020 2 min read

For sure there is seemingly an endless number of details and planning you need to do for the big day. Whether it will be buttercream or fondant?
Round tables or squares???
Garden roses or Ranunculus???
Wood wedding flowers or real blooms….Long, long and a very long list of ifs and buts….
From many key moments of your wedding do you know which one is the first and most important moment????
It's the time when the bride walks down the aisle or professional and that’s why the wedding aisle. Your entire wedding begins with the moment when you begin to walk and to make it special your aisle needs your exclusive attention. Woodflowers.com is presenting here some stunning aisle décor ideas with wood wedding flowers to take the charm and beauty of your wedding ceremony to the next level:

• Place statuesque Vases:
To make a vibrant and striking statement place giant crystal-embellished Vases, positioned at the end of the aisle with overflowing greenery and beautiful wood wedding flowers. You are free to choose any color for flowers, but White wooden roses can simply enhance the ceremony looks.

• Add some floral Balls:
Floral pomander balls made up of wooden curls are so affordable and durable than the original floral balls. You can use these floral balls in so many creative ways to create some striking visual effects along your aisle.

• Aisle with oversized wooden flowers:
Wood wedding flowers are durable and you can create these in a bigger size to compliment the ceremony. To decorate your pathway to the aisle you can attach some oversized wood wedding flowers to the sides of ceremony chairs with matching silk ribbons.

• Create swag with feathers and flowers:
Create a garland of wood wedding flowers along with lots of greenery, feathers, and some pine cones to drape it along your aisle. You can also weave into a ceremony arch.

• A copper wedding arch with the wooden bouquet:
To create a modern and minimalistic wedding arch you can use some cylinder copper pipes. Dress up this arch with a vibrant a lush wooden floral bouquet and with a wispy fabric. Wing up your imaginations and you will find endless possibilities to decorate it with wood wedding flowers by woodflowers.com.

• Hang Geometric Vases:
In the case of dreaming for a modern wedding, you can use gleaming prism-shaped hanging vases. Decorate these geometric lines with beautiful wood wedding flowers and candles. You can string these vases pretty ribbons, cluster these at the end of the aisle, or place them along the aisle path.

• Strew petals:
Casually sprinkled rose petals along the aisle or a flower girl tossing these petals on her way to the aisle can simply glamorize the aisle path. Using real rose petals can be messy and costly. Wood wedding rose-petals are not only available in different colors, but they are also not prone to drying out.

 A word from woodflowers.com:
These are some ideas, only to boost the flight of your imaginations. Otherwise, there is an endless list of possibilities to create unbelievable decorative wonders with wood wedding flowers on your big day to brighten up, beautify, and sparkle up your wedding aisle.

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