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April 20, 2021 4 min read

Flowers have been used at any stage of life, from birth to death, throughout history. Flowers are a common way to mourn the deceased of death, and they are representative of life's delicate, transient existence. The natural elegance of flowers is believed to alleviate some of the sentimental strain that comes with funerals' visual imagery.

Flowers are used at funerals nowadays for a variety of purposes. First, they aid in emotional release since it is often difficult for grieving families to share their sorrow orally. Sending flowers to the deceased is a sign of gratitude, sorrow, and affection.

Funeral flowers and their uses:

Flowers for funerals can be used in a variety of ways. They may be seen at a funeral home, at a wake and worship services in a church or synagogue. They may also be draped over a casket, decorated in a cemetery, or delivered directly to the family.

On the other hand, some people will have second thoughts about sending flowers to a funeral and instead opt for condolence money. Although cash can be helpful financially, flowers as funeral tokens have much more value than money can.

Reasons why funeral flowers make better funeral gifts:

Here are few reasons why you should consider sending funeral flowers in addition to monetary donations.

·       Flowers for funerals have a spiritual significance!

Flowers bear symbolisms that touch on humans' divine journeys apart from expressions of affection and compassion. Death is an unavoidable period of the lives of all humans and flowers as well. This can also be attributed to Christians' religious conviction that life on Earth is only transient.

Natural funeral flowers, unlike financial gifts, give a reminder that human lives are like flowers in that they are temporary. This little gesture will show the bereaved the impression that you consider them and that your sympathy is genuine. On the other hand, if you choose sola wood flowers for a funeral, they represent your deep love and respect in a way that as wooden blooms last longer, your feelings are also not temporary – and that person will stay in your heart for a long time.

·       Flowers for funerals have a higher sentimental value!

Flowers may not be able to communicate, but their appearance alone may convey the words that are too difficult to utter. They have a vocabulary that allows them to express profound feelings of compassion and empathy. And this is something that no amount of money will ever do.

Sending flowers to express condolences shows that you care for the dead and that they will never be forgotten. Imagine missing a loved one and seeing their coffin surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements. It is a lovely memory to remember that he or she is cherished by so many.

·       Funeral flowers are not there for decoration!

The custom of sending flowers in mourning dates back thousands of years when embalming was not yet a thing. Flowers were used for their scent to help counteract the odors of rotting flesh, in addition to paying homage to the deceased. It has evolved into a living tradition over the years. Even though embalming is no longer used, floral arrangements are also an essential part of funerals, not just for decoration but also to mask the scent of the deceased.

·       Sending funeral flowers demonstrates more significant effort!

While the availability of online options has made sending flowers simpler, it still requires some initiative that is more difficult to achieve than merely giving money. The time and effort you put into sending this token of appreciation will be greatly valued, from nitpicking the florist and flower arrangements to paying the bill.

·       Funeral flowers leave a long-lasting impression!

Flowers will fade and die, but this token of respect will live on in the hearts of those who are grieving. Cash can be a valuable financial aid, but it may quickly be overlooked and ignored in times of hardship and pain. On the other hand, funeral flowers can be used at wakes which burials and can serve as a permanent remembrance that you were there with the bereaved every step of the way. In the case of using sola wood flowers, their presence is for a long time, and sola wood floral arrangements can be kept for a long time as the token of beautiful memories.

·       Flowers and symbolism!

Flowers have a special artistic significance in the face of death, and their beauty serves to offset your emotional reaction to death's supposed ugliness. Flowers help survivors cope with the raw data imagery left behind by death. Flowers also represent the fragility of creation.

Floral colors and their meanings:

The color of flowers has a symbolic meaning, particularly in religious beliefs:

  • Purple flowers are associated with repentance and monarchy, and they display dignity and elegance as funeral blooms.
  • A white flower is a sign of light that is joyful and celebratory. White funeral flowers show majesty, sympathy, and purity.
  • The freshness of growth is symbolized by a green flower, which is why there are green cemeteries.
  • The red flower is a sign of fire and blood, and sending red flowers for a funeral symbolizes courage, love, and respect.
  • Good Friday's sign is a black flower, and the black flower for funeral represents death and farewell.

Right flowers for a funeral:

Although there are no particular flowers synonymous with funerals, the most commonly used flowers are:

  • Tulips
  • Gladiolas
  • Carnations
  • Roses
  • Calla lilies
  • Golden lilies
  • Irises
  • Snapdragons

Types of floral funeral arrangements:

Flowers will be a symbolic homage to the relation or friendship you have with the individual and help you articulate your feelings of loss, regardless of what flowers you want or how the arrangement is used. The most common floral arrangement styles for funerals are:

  • Wreaths
  • Crosses and hearts
  • Standing sprays
  • Casket mounds
  • Baskets


Flowers have historically been used to show reverence for the deceased and concern for the bereaved. This tradition has a long history, and it has acted as a way for people to share their emotions. Funeral flowers help celebrate the life of a friend or loved one. Express yourself perfectly by having thoughtful funeral flowers delivered when words are not enough.

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