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January 14, 2021 4 min read

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."

The most magical time of the year is upon us, and there is no better way to celebrate than this season by taking the magic and beauty of nature indoors. Just because the holidays are around the corner doesn't mean we've got to leave behind the thought of flowers. You can incorporate your favorite blooms into your holiday decor and bring festive cheer into your home in many ways. To create a cozy environment inside that still represents the "seasonal excitement."

It is the perfect time to offer some seasonal sprucing up in your interior and you will confidently welcome visitors by creating a festive look.

To enliven every holiday home décor and add colorful warmth to your holiday party, you can use floral accessories. Use sola wood flowers to celebrate the holiday season and add a slightly different touch to your home interior. Here are a few DIY ideas from woodflowers.com that you can get ahead for this season and might just ignite your imagination.

•          The local and Native

Nothing is more unique, of course than the homegrown feeling that surrounds holiday festivities. With some native holiday flowers and plants that you find around your town, keep it local this year. It will take a little more imagination and effort on your part, but just imagine how amazing it will feel to tell people you have created these sola wood mimics of real flowers. You will surely get so many compliments for these beautiful holiday decorations

•          DIY your vases for holiday flower arrangements

Look no further if you wish to show your winter flowers in a seasonal vase. By wrapping birch bark around plain vases, or sticking twigs to them and tying a sweet plaid ribbon around it, you can make your own personalized vases. Simply wrap the red ribbon around plain white vases to make them look like candy canes if you want to go for more of a kitschy holiday vibe! With bright red sola wood roses, the baby's breath and plenty of lush greenery, these will look best. This holiday, sola wood flowers are the perfect way to add color and festive cheer to any room.

•          DIY Christmas floral wreaths

Wreaths are one of the most common decorations for Christmas, but they appear to be costly. Try making your own instead of buying a wreath that everyone else on your block would display on their front doors. By using sola wood poinsettias and fixing them to your faux wreath, you can even give it a retro aesthetic, to enjoy year after year.

You can use two wire coat hangers, twisted into circular forms, to create a wreath. Use fake evergreen garland or even fresh greenery. Do this until the wreath is as lush as you like, then start to connect berries, holly and flowers using the floral wire, and hot glue. Don't hesitate to put any ribbon or glitter in the mix as well!

·       Poinsettia care through the winter

Wish to use real poinsettia? 

There are tropical origins to this famous holiday vine! Do you get tips to keep your poinsettia looking its best during the year?

Perhaps no flower, like the poinsettia, reflects the winter holidays. Care and up keeping of these festive flowers is not so difficult. Ranging from the usual red to pale yellow, these blooms are maybe an unsolved mystery. Follow the poinsettia care tips from a specialist who can help prolong those blooms as long as possible. If it is hard for you then try sola wood poinsettia that looks amazingly real and vibrant and you can even use sola wood poinsettia next year.

Entrance decor real flower arrangement

Call attention to flowers with a big, dramatic display in entryway arrangements. To indicate the feeling of being in a greenhouse, use branches to give the shoe size and be generous with foliage. As if they were concealed in the undergrowth, tucking flowers between vine leaves gives a sense of the wild indoors.

Here are few of the ideal arrangements of real and sola wood flowers to help you select a good one for you:

  • An arrangement with roses and mums:

This arrangement is just the thing to make you come out of the season, smelling like a rose if you love fragrant flowers whose aromas are as intoxicating as your secret eggnog recipe. This bright bouquet of roses and mums will add vivid color to the room for holiday party decor that bursts like floral fireworks, while it soothes with sweet fragrances. In case of using sola wood flowers nothing to worry about fragrance as wood flowers are best fragrance diffusers.

  • Sunflowers with Roses and Spider mums

When you imagine holiday table decor ideas, sunflowers may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but an arrangement with sunflowers is brimming with beautiful blooms of assorted roses and spider mums to give it a textured holiday color scheme that matches the theme of four seasons.

DIY holiday candle holders

At one time or another during the holiday season, you might have adorned yourself with candles. There are several ways that wood flowers can be incorporated into your candle decorations. Convert them into holiday decor with just a few tweaks if you have some tall candlesticks that you've just grown tired of or that no longer fit the look of your home. Look for an evergreen needle-like garland, and choose some pine cones. Wrap the garland around the candlestick until your desired thickness has been reached. Using a hot glue gun to stick pinecones, berries and sola wood flowers such as poinsettias, mistletoe and white roses to the garland you can do magic. To give it a' just snowed on' look, consider painting the tips of the fake needles with white spray paint as well. If you choose to decorate it with pillar candles, you can surround it with a candle.

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