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December 05, 2019 3 min read

Everyone dreams about their wedding day since childhood. Kids imagine that people celebrate and showcase their love for the world and their other half during weddings. That is absolutely true. However, once you grow up, you understand that if you want to throw a huge celebration in a spectacular venue, with all the fancy decorations, from beautiful wood flower bouquets to lush dishes, you have to be prepared to pay big money. If you also calculate other costs, such as a photographer, DJ, or wedding planner, you might start wondering if you really ever wanted to get married in the first place.

According to the latest study, the average wedding costs $33,931. Of course, this number is only a benchmark, and you should not take it for granted once planning your wedding, but there are a few things you have to consider when budgeting your big day.

Reception Venue – Time and Place

On average, the venue for the wedding costs $15,439, which is almost half of the total price. That is why if you were planning to save some money, you should start thinking about the venue first.

For starters, make sure to think about the location. For example, the average wedding in New York City costs almost $77,000, proving the fact that venues in the metropolitan areas tend to cost much more. To save money, you might want to look for venues closer to the countryside.

Furthermore, always have in mind that reception venue prices skyrocket during the season and on the weekends. Of course, a lot of guests would not be able to make it if you decided to get married on Tuesday, but that would definitely be cheaper.

Guest List

The more guests you invite, the higher will be the costs of the wedding. For example, if you manage to cut your guest list by ten people (or one table), you might save up to $1,000. You wouldn't have to pay for ten chairs, ten place setting, and would avoid extra costs of decorations such as sola wood wedding centerpieces.

It is not an easy task to come up with your perfect wedding guest list so that you invite all the people you care about the most without exceeding your budget.


On average, newlyweds in the US spend $2,400 on flowers for their wedding ceremony. That makes sense when you think about the importance that flowers have for creating the whole atmosphere and adorning the setting. However, if you want to save money on flowers, there are plenty of cheaper and trendy options, including wooden wedding flowers. These flowers have astonishing features (easy transportation, longevity, style), making them a popular choice in today's wedding planning scene.

Other Costs

You are not obliged to have anything at your wedding. If you don't want a DJ, don't book him. Also, if you have some friends who would be willing to host the evening or take photos, you can save some money by not booking designated hosts or photographers. These small costs add up quick, so make sure to keep track of your budget and only spend money on things/services that you really want at your wedding. After all, the big celebration of love should not be about how fancy is the venue, and how much money you've spent on the wedding dress. As long as you look beautiful to yourself, nothing else matters!

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