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August 04, 2020 2 min read

You will want your wedding to look fabulous from the first to the last second, including your transportation from one place to another. Even though many couples don't pay too much attention to their wedding transportation, we cannot stress enough how important it actually is. There will be many things happening during your wedding day, so staying flexible and mobile is a must. You want someone who would be willing to drive you back home if you forget your sola wood bridal bouquet or if your grandmother wants to rest. However, everything costs money.

How Many Cars?

First, you will have to decide on how many cars you want to book. The majority of couples opt for two or three cars, but you might need more depending on your wedding party and their mobility. If you know that you will have to be driving all your wedding party from one place to another, make sure to have enough space and cars. Of course, if you know that many people will be using transportation, limousines are your best option. However, vintage and classic cars look the best in the wedding pictures according to the newest trends.

If money is not a problem, don't limit yourself to cars. Some couples who are getting married at beach love to book speed boats to show up at the ceremony. That definitely increases the wedding budget, but it also creates that once in a lifetime moment.

How Much Do Couples Pay on Average?

Some people spend thousands of wedding flowers, sola wood wedding bouquets, and decorations while others manage to get it almost for free. The same principle applies to wedding transportation. So, when you hear the numbers, make sure to understand that you might need to spend more/less depending on your needs.

People in the US spend ~$800 on their wedding transportation according to numbers in 2019. Of course, if you are having a destination wedding, you will be spending a bit more (~$950 on average) because you will most likely have a lot of guests that fly in and need to be picked up from the airport or other distant location.


Some contracts will have tips included in the price, so you won't need to leave anything extra to the drivers. However, many contracts will cover your base price without tips. That means that you should tip at least $20 to every driver (if you have more than one). That is not much considering your whole wedding budget, but you should keep it in mind. After all, those small costs add up in the long run, so you have to keep track of them not to exceed your budget. And if you manage to limit your unforeseen expenses to a minimum, you can buy some more sola wood wedding flowers to make your big day even more fabulous!

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