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March 22, 2020 3 min read

Your love can overcome any problem, so it should also overcome coronavirus. However, if you are planning to get married any time soon, you should probably start to think about adjustments and possible changes. There is no need to panic, but in some cases, especially if you are having a destination wedding, even postponing the wedding might not seem like a bad idea. So, how to prepare for your wedding during the COVID-19 outbreak and make it not only beautiful but also safe?

Consider Postponing the Wedding

If you have not booked anything yet or can easily get your money refunded, consider postponing your wedding at least until the situation will get better. We know how much you want to get married to your soulmate, but your and your loved ones' health should be the main priority. Also, you won't probably face too much damage by postponing the wedding as most of the vendors should understand the situation and accept the postponement. Also, sola wood wedding flowers last forever, so if you have any sola wooden wedding bouquets already made for you, they should be fine in six months, as well.

Shorten the Guest List

It is hard not to invite everyone you know to your wedding. However, with COVID-19, we are sure that most people won't be mad if you have not invited them to your wedding. In fact, you should consider having a small and modest wedding with only your family members and a few close friends. This way, you will lower everyone's risk to the minimum. Of course, it is not easy to let go of the idea of a fancy wedding with tons of sola wood roses and hundreds of guests. That said, it is probably not the best time to organize a huge wedding.

Also, prepare for the fact that a lot of guests will not be able to attend your wedding because of the current situation. You should respect and support their decision and promise to celebrate once COVID-19 is gone.

Minimalistic Weddings

We recommend thinking about organizing a minimalistic wedding even when coronavirus is not a threat. However, at the moment, minimalistic weddings also mean less risk. Instead of thousands of fresh flowers that might spread COVID-19, think about having a few beautiful sola wood wedding bouquets to adorn the ceremony. Also, try to avoid unnecessary decorations and let the guests adorn the ceremony.

Order Online

If you are still planning to buy anything for your wedding, make sure to do it online. You can find anything from sola wood wedding flowers to wedding cakes to wedding dresses online, so don't spend any time shopping in public places unless you really have to. Also, understand the fact that most of the vendors will have delays due to various logistic restrictions and tests, so instead of sweating one day before the wedding, order all the stuff way before the big day.

Remember, the best way to show love to your partner is to make sure that they stay safe and healthy. So, when planning the wedding, take all the necessary measures to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Also, keep yourself updated (follow official data and news) and prepare to adjust to any situation that might happen in the upcoming months.

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