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March 28, 2020 2 min read

Planning your wedding is a stressful job, especially because you only have one shot at making it perfect. Your guests will notice everything, from sola wood wedding flowers to delicious meals to the quality of the wedding venue. That is why you have to be prepared. However, we can assure you that your guests will be much happier and ready to celebrate if you provide amazing food with lots of options, even for the pickiest gourmets. Of course, if you are not working in the food industry, you will need a lot of help from your wedding caterer. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect caterer for your wedding.

Ask About Hygiene Measures

Even though hygiene was always important, it is becoming vital these days, when we are facing the coronavirus pandemic. The world will eventually control this pandemic, and things will get back to normal, but it will take some time. So, make sure to ask your wedding caterer about the food-making process. Also, find out where all the products come from and what the catering company does to ensure that none of your food is exposed to COVID-19 or any other virus. Actually, this tip is essential not only for choosing your wedding caterer but also for choosing any other vendors, including florists who shape your sola wood roses.

Know Your Budget

It is tough not to exceed your wedding budget, especially when you see what you can buy for that extra dollar or two. However, once your wedding budget is set, you must be strong not to fall for all the temptations. Your potential wedding caterer will have plenty of dishes to choose from, including simple buffet options and extravagant plated dinners. Make sure to speak with your caterer about your budget and find out what they can offer in that price bracket. Also, most of the caterers are pretty flexible, so if their basic packages are missing something, just kindly ask them to adjust to your wedding. Most of the time, they will be happy to do that.

Dietary Requirements

From all the guests at your wedding, you can be sure to have at least a few people with special dietary restrictions. Some of your friends might be vegans while your aunt might have a severe nut allergy. So, make sure to find out all that information beforehand and inform your caterer. Also, make sure that your caterer is prepared for the task. Not only do you want to give your guests on diet food, but you also want it to be delicious.

Adjust to Your Wedding Theme

If you are having a rustic wedding in a barn with wooden decorations, including beautiful sola wood wedding bouquets, you might want your caterer to know it. They could then make a wonderful buffet with a variety of your favorite meals, including roasted potatoes and fresh stakes. However, if you are planning a fancy wedding in a 5-star hotel, you probably want to opt for a plated dinner, serving some world-renowned dishes. So, tell your caterer what type of wedding you are planning, so that they could adjust to your style and prepare exclusive food just for you.

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