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January 26, 2020 3 min read

You only get one shot at your perfect wedding, so you have to make sure that everything is planned perfectly. Some couples choose to go through all the stressful organizational processes alone. They feel that they know the best what type of sola wood wedding flowers should be at their wedding, and how to save money on choosing the perfect venue. However, that is not always the case. A professional wedding planner can save you a lot of time and help you make the best decisions on even the tightest budget. If you click with your wedding planner from the first meeting and happen to be on the same page, we are sure that your wedding will be a great success. If not, it might be a great chance to look for another professional before it is too late.

Do you want people to talk about your wedding even months after the ceremony? Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding planner who will help you out!

Do You Really Need One?

If you feel that you can pick wooden wedding bouquets, book the venue, and communicate with every guest on your own, you might not need a wedding planner. Also, if you love planning events, you will definitely enjoy organizing your wedding. So, talk to your fiancé again, and if you both still want to hire a wedding planner, do it.

Meet at Least a Few Wedding Planners

Don't try to rush things and hire the first wedding planner that you meet. Of course, you might like the first planner a lot, but give at least a few other professionals a chance to showcase their talent. Remember that you are getting married only once, so a good wedding planner is not enough. What you need is a perfect wedding planner who will understand every single of your wishes and needs.

Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to get to know your potential wedding planner. Ask them if they prefer fresh flowers or sola wood wedding flowers. Inquire more information about their previous projects. Also, make sure to ask their rates beforehand to avoid any awkward situations after the wedding.

Know Your Budget

There are a lot of wedding planners to choose from. Some of them are great at organizing small and intimate weddings, while others are professionals when it comes to fancy and posh celebrations. So, one of the first things that you should let your wedding planner know is your budget. Ask if the wedding planner feels comfortable and competent enough to plan your dream wedding with the money that you have. If they say that it is too little or too much, don't get upset. Like we said – there are plenty of wedding planners to choose from!

Get to Know Them Personally

You will spend quite a lot of time with your wedding planner, so you want to like the person, as well. No matter how great is the wedding planner, if you don't get along with them, you won't enjoy their work. Get to know what your wedding planner likes, how they imagine a perfect wedding, what kind of wooden wedding bouquets they would choose for their own wedding, and what they think would be the best for you. If you feel that your values and preferences align, it is a great chance that you have found the perfect wedding planner!

Check Their Portfolio

Always check your potential wedding planner's portfolio to see their previous projects. You might meet a few planners who are great at talking but terrible at delivering. You want to avoid such people. Gladly, they will most likely disappear once you ask to see their portfolio. It is better to be safe than sorry. So, your ideal wedding planner should have a great portfolio, aligning values, and experience working with similar weddings to yours. Don't settle for anything less!

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