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March 16, 2020 3 min read

In the midst of all the planning, booking, and organizing, you must remember that the wedding ceremony is probably the most important part of the whole wedding. Of course, booking a spacious venue is a must, and shaping wonderful sola wood wedding flowers is essential. However, would any of these things matter without the wedding ceremony? Probably not. And the main person in the ceremony (besides the couple, of course) is a wedding officiant. Not only do you want to trust your officiant, but you also want him to be prepared and familiar with your wedding style. Sometimes it might get tricky finding the right officiant, especially if you have some unique needs and wishes. But don't worry – here are a few tips to make your life easier!

Do You Want a Person You Know?

If you are planning a formal and fancy wedding, you might want to trust professional officiants who have helped hundreds of couples before. They know when to make pauses, when to give time for vows, and how to control crowds in general. However, if your wedding is not going to be too formal, but rather casual and funny, you might want to let your best friend officiate your wedding. We all have that friend who can make everyone laugh just by their presence. So, try to speak with your friend (or a family member, colleague, etc.) and see how they feel about officiating at the wedding. These days, it is extremely easy to get a license so pretty much anyone can do. The question remains if you want your officiant to have a personal connection with you or you want someone from outside of your life.

Is It Religious?

If you are from a religious family and want to get married in a place of worship, your options will narrow down quickly. That is a good thing, though. Most of your guests will probably be from the same community, so they will know and respect the pastor/pope/priest. Also, you have probably heard your potential officiator giving sermons, so you know their skills and style. So, instead of worrying if your officiator will deliver, you can spend time looking for sola wood wedding bouquets, delicious wedding cakes, and breathtaking gowns.

Trusted Officiants

Where are many different websites that list the best wedding officiants near your place, so if you are ready to do proper research, you can definitely find the perfect officiant! With all the reviews from previous ceremonies, you should have no problem understanding your potential officiant's capabilities. Of course, once you choose a few that you like the most, make sure to meet with them in person and check if they are as good as the internet says. Don't be afraid to ask questions and tell your ideas. After all, some officiants might be amazing, but just not right for your wedding. Let them know about the place, your choice of wooden wedding flowers, the number of guests, and any other random details to see how they react. Eventually, if the wedding officiant has good past reviews and you like them, there is no need to waste any time looking for someone else. Better spend that time shaping sola wood roses to adorn your aisle!

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