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January 11, 2020 3 min read

Your wedding website will be one of the first things that most guests will know about your wedding. That is why it is important to create an artsy, informative, and captivating wedding website which would represent your wedding well! The good news, you can be pretty creative with your wedding website as there are not too many rules or etiquette restrictions. However, there are a few things that you should note to make the whole process easier and more effective!

Represent Your Theme

If you have already decided on the wedding theme, try to stick with it on your wedding website, as well. For example, if you plan to have a colorful wedding with lots of sola wood flowers, confetti, and decorations, make sure to add some colors to your website too! This way, guests will know what to expect and will get into the mood of your wedding way before the big day!

No Place for Invite-Only Events

All the bachelor parties, invite-only rehearsal dinners, and other events where not every guest is invited are not supposed to be mentioned on your wedding website. You don't want to insult any of your guests. After all, your aunt and uncle might be coming from another part of the world, and they might feel left out knowing that they are not invited to some events. Of course, everyone knows about those special invite-only events before the wedding. But save yourself from awkward and uncomfortable situations, and only discuss those events with people who are invited.

Give Recommendations

There will be guests from different parts of the world at your wedding. Even though they will prioritize celebrating the big day with you, they might still want to visit some unique sights in the region during their free time. Make sure to mention those places on your wedding website and give some local tips on how to enhance their experience.

Provide Registry Information

Whether you want a new vacuum cleaner or money to buy more wooden wedding bouquets, make sure to let your guests know! Remember that your wedding website is not an official wedding invitation, so it is ethical to provide the registry information. You don't have to feel awkward about it. So, create a separate tab, where your guests can find your preferences and links to online registries.

Password Is a Must

You don't want to have to deal with wedding crashers, do you? Make sure to protect your wedding website with a password and only give it to your wedding guests. Otherwise, you might see a stranger lurking near wooden wedding flowers at your wedding.

Provide All the Information

You don't want to overload a wedding website with too much information or stories. However, the essentials should be stated loud and clear. Here are the main topics you must cover:

  • Information about every wedding event (for all guests). That includes the dressing code, location, time, and any other logistic information.
  • Your hotel room block. This is especially important for people coming from out of town.
  • Travel information. Let your guests know how and when they should reach your wedding place. If it is a local wedding, most guests will know that already, but you might still have some people from different places. If it is a destination wedding, you have to provide all the information about booking cheap flight tickets, hotels, and planned travel itineraries.
  • Create some teasers about the wedding to get your guests excited. Add a few pictures of wooden roses bouquets, part of the venue, or a small glimpse of your wedding dress. Be creative! Just make sure not to reveal too much as you want to keep at least a few surprises.

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