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September 27, 2020 5 min read

So you are ready to plan your wedding, and you have got to determine where to get the flowers.

The question is:

Should you DIY or lets a florist takes care of your wedding flowers

At first, it seems like the best idea to have a florist design the floral décor for you. Yeah, it would be the more straightforward choice, but if you plan to DIY your wedding flowers against hiring a florist, there are plenty of pros to consider.

To DIY your wedding flowers, you'll want to go with a wholesale online store. Wholesale is the magic word, which at a lower price, converts into bulk goods. You ride the buzz after having a lot as you make your own beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

Of course, you can grow your own wedding flowers! 

Don't forget it is a time taking a job that needs so much hard work and real efforts.

So, because of the time and energy that go into growing them, flowers are always costly. We can't change that. But a DIY bouquet comes at a lower cost than that of a florist mainly because you're putting the efforts in. It can take up to two hours for a florist to produce a bridal bouquet. When you sum up the labor costs and the other bouquet elements, you get the higher price tags from before. Florists also have a lot of labor to deal with, which, if you go wholesale, you won't have to pay for. DIY your flowers and you are not going to have to think about price rises as a result of:

  • Storage
  • Labor
  • Prep
  • Production
  • Supplies
  • Transportation

With many pros of DIY wedding flowers, here are some of the best ways "How to DIY wedding flowers?"

·       Plan your designs in advance:

Getting into the room with pretty flowers doesn't mean inspiration will hit all of a sudden. You will have to keenly think about how to design a centerpiece or a bouquet. Then it is the time to scour the internet for inspiring photos of projects that you think you can actually make. Also, spend some considerable time trying to bring a bouquet together. Then, get some grocery store flowers and practice. You can also use sola wood flowers to DIY wedding bouquets. These are durable, and you can re-use these flowers to practice different floral arrangements. To get inspiration and more help, you can also check the Pinterest site, YouTube video tutorials, wedding flowers, and accessories magazines.

·       How much wedding flowers you need:

Obviously, you want to have flowers like down the aisle, on the cake, counter, etc. You have to keep the record who all get flowers at the wedding?

How many bridesmaids/groomsmen you have, plus fathers, mothers, grandparents, table settings, and other places need flowers. Prepare the worksheet for the wedding flower, and put all the details. You have to make a list to get the proper idea of how many arrangements you require and buy bulk flowers for weddings.

·       Choose long-lasting flowers:

You don't want to waste your money on flowers that die if they're not handled exactly right, or just last twenty-four hours if you do it yourself—research which flowers would last longer and use those flowers. Keeping cut flowers fresh for wedding is the most crucial part of your wedding flower care. Put them directly in clean water when you get the flowers, and cut leaves and leaves below the waterline—store flowers in a cool or shady spot.

You can choose sola wood flowers as your perfect wedding blooms because of their durability, natural appearance, and other impressive features.

·       Preserve flowers to your place:

If you order from a wholesale flower company, make sure you know what state the flowers will arrive. They are always shipped a couple of days early, already closed, and you need to keep them alive as they bloom. Allow time for that, and make sure that someone is responsible for keeping them fresh. Preserving wedding flowers at home is an essential part of your DIY adventure. You cannot neglect it; otherwise, you may ruin your wedding preparations.

·       Collect floral arranging supplies:

This is a momentous move! You want to do this in advance to have everything you need when your DIY wedding flowers arrive. The Bellow list must be ready before you start DIY wedding flowers:

  • Floral tape
  • Satin
  • Wirecutter
  • Floral scissors
  • Stem floral wire
  • Pearl straight pins
  • Corsage wrist bracelets
  • Big heavy-duty buckets
  • vases/mason jars
  • plastic corsage boxes
  • Cardboard boxes

Making ready the above list of accessories ensures that you have everything thing start your project.

Be present at home at the flower delivery date:

Ensure that you are at home before delivery and have a few hours to enjoy your flower delivery day. Always choose the best place to buy bulk flowers for wedding with a good reputation and affordable price. It is necessary to set your home at a cooler temperature and not open up flowers too quickly. Where you decided to keep all the flowers, make sure air conditioning is on. To keep the flowers away from the sunshine, choose the darkest space in the house.

Open the package when the flowers arrive and check it. Ensure that the flower buckets are clean and filled with fresh, cool water of at least 4 inches. Remove flowers from the box by cutting the straps, and diagonally cut them to the desired length under running water with floral scissors.

·       The day of the party:

If this is your first time DIY-ing your wedding flowers, make sure to take advantage of your experienced friends and relative, ask help, and suggest how to make boutonnieres. The boutonnieres were easy, but it's the wrist corsages that took the longest. They're more complicated. Even if you know anyone who's already made these.

Again the best floral option for DIY wedding flowers is sola wood blooms. These flowers are ideal in every way to arrange, rearrange, and keep looking fresh until your wedding day.

·       Transporting flowers to the venue

Before transporting flowers to the venue, follow these tips:

  • The boutonnieres and corsages should be placed in the refrigerator.
  • The bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets should be kept in the cool space at home.
  • Most of the other arrangements should put in plastic orange buckets, which made easy transportation.

·        Venue Arrangement:

 The following points must be remembered and make a checklist that is all done while making venue arrangements of flowers:

  • Corsages for the ladies
  • Boutonnieres for the men
  • Flowers for the fitting
  • Reception table centerpieces

Arranging all one by one and ticking as done will make you relax and give a breath of peace.

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