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September 28, 2020 2 min read

Weddings are great, especially when you are a guest and don't have to plan everything, buy sola wood wedding flowers, send invitations, and stress about every detail. However, sometimes you might have to step up even if you come as a guest. At most weddings, everyone knows who will be giving wedding speeches. It is most often the best man, bridesmaid, and parents of the couple. You can count on those speeches to be funny and emotional. And after that, the hype might build-up, and the wedding DJ or the newlyweds might request you to say a speech. With all the guests shouting "Speech! Speech! Speech!", you will most likely have to say a word or two. It is not a common thing to happen, but sometimes it does.

Keep It Short

If you have to say a wedding speech without any preparation, make sure to keep it short. The longer you talk, the bigger are the chances for you to say something silly or embarrassing. Instead of rambling for hours, get straight to the point, congratulate the couple, say a joke or two, and get back to the celebration. People love short speeches, so someone might even throw sola wood roses at you, especially if the speech is heartfelt.

Stay Emotional

A lot of us are not used to publicly showing emotions in front of other people. That is pretty understandable. However, weddings are a little different compared to any other celebration or event. You want to stay emotional during weddings as that shows how much you care for the couple. Try to let your emotions guide you through your speech. Of course, that will most likely make your speech a bit more chaotic, but everyone loves that. If you want to compliment the bride's dress – do it! If you like those sola wood wedding centerpieces, just say it. After all, you are giving a spontaneous speech, so don't overthink too much.

Keep Spicy Details to Yourself

There is a chance that you know some spicy details from the groom's or bride's past that nobody else does. As much as it might sound like a good idea to share those ideas or experiences, you might want to reconsider. Remember – when giving a speech without any practice or preparation, you might not control how and what you say. That means that the best thing to do is to avoid speaking about controversial topics. Stick to compliments, friendly jokes, and genuine wishes.

People Love Jokes

If you are forced to deliver a wedding speech, don't be afraid to joke about it. Guests will love to see that you have a great sense of humor. Also, laughing tends to loosen up the crowd, so it will be easier to keep everyone's attention. Of course, if you are not confident about your sense of humor, don't push it. It is better to stay true to yourself than trying to follow some template. And yet, if there is a chance for a joke, use that chance! Also, a short story about how you helped the couple to shape a sola wood bridal bouquet, or choose the dress, might be very interesting and humorous.

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