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June 05, 2020 2 min read

As a beginner, you might not have enough details about sola wood flowers. If, this is so, you might be wondering how to dye wood flowers with a kind of simple strategy. Of course, this is simple yet you need to be very consistent and patient while doing so. Sola wood flowers are since made up of tapioca wood, they are very delicate in fashion. You simply can't treat them harshly while you work with them. Therefore, you should know certain protocols while you do sola wood flower dye colors. Yet, this is wonderful but again you can’t simply hang on to thinks without learning them properly. There are several forms of colors that you can try to paint sola wood flowers. They range from spray paints to the latex paint. Currently, most of the people prefer latex paint. Although this type of paint is a little harsh to carry and work with yet, they give amazing output. This is the reason why there is always a punching question in the minds of beginners that how to dye sola wood flowers with latex paint. Here, we will brief you about general as well as specific protocols that you have to follow when you plan to dye your wood flowers.

Sola wood flower dye color ideas

There are several ways by which you can dye sola wood flowers. For all of them, there is a special strategy that you should follow when you initiate your sola wood flower project. Here, you will find some key points in this regard.

  • Carry your sola wood flowers gently

As you have now made your wood flowers, you need to set them aside before you start painting it. Meanwhile, make sure you carry them properly. Otherwise, a single jerk can end up your effort into ruined stuff. You must carry them on a slow note when you are taking to paint them. This is very significant.

  • Spray paint without excessive pressure

If you are using spray paint to dye sola wood flower, make sure, you do not put high-pressure sprays directly on the wood. This can result either in wood damage or maybe the release of excessive paint. Therefore, keep in mind to settle the minimum amount of color on your wood flower.

  • How to dye sola wood flower with latex paint

This is yet, another very important question. Latex paint is based on polymer. It protects the flower far more than normal spray paints. Therefore, if you want to paint wood flowers with latex paint, don’t use excessive paint. Also, try to give maximum time to let it dry properly.

  • Use of brushes

When you use a brush to paint your wood flowers, make sure, you pick up the soft brushes instead of those hard ones. This is very important to note. Otherwise, this will damage your flower. make sure, the bristles of the brush are soft and flexible.


Sola wood flowers are versatile flowers. Although they are found from natural sources yet, they are very effective to use for years. Moreover, you can try to keep them at home safe for years. Trust us, they are long-lasting and very friendly for the environment. What are you waiting for, start working for it today.

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