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February 17, 2020 3 min read

As the best man, you will not only have the opportunity to witness your best friend's wedding up close, but you will also have a lot of responsibilities. We guarantee that the groom will be counting on your best man's speech during the wedding ceremony and will need some comforting after long days of looking for wedding venues, hiring vendors, and picking sola wood wedding flowers. However, the most important task of the best man remains planning the bachelor party. Here are a couple of tips on how to plan the best party.

Start Planning Early

Don't leave it to the last day as you might not be able to book the desired hotel or entertainment. It would be ideal to book everything at least a few months before the bachelor party. After all, you are the best man, so you should know better how important it is for the groom to have one last shot at freedom with his buddies.

Groom Never Pays

When setting the budget for the bachelor party, remember that the groom should not pay a cent. That means that the remaining party members will have to share his costs. Also, as a planner, don't forget about each participant and make sure to have a budget that satisfies everyone. It would be a shame if the best friend of the groom would skip the party just because he doesn't have enough money.

No Need to Worry About the Guest List

Great news – you will not be responsible for the guest list. All you need to do is ask the groom to provide the list of all the guys he wants to see at his bachelor party. Of course, you might provide your opinion and suggestions, but the final decision is up to the groom. Let him feel special at his bachelor party as he probably has no say in the wedding planning, anyway. So, while his future wife is picking wooden wedding bouquets, cakes, and dresses, let him pick the guests for the bachelor party.

Plan a Lot of Activities

You should plan as many activities as possible to make the party lively and full of unforgettable moments. Think about the groom, talk to other participants, and pick the activities that suit everyone. If the groom loves competing, outdoor activities, and guns, you might want to go paintballing. If the groom is into MMA, hunt for the tickets to attend a professional fight. The opportunities are endless, so make sure to do thorough research. And don't give in to stereotypes. For example, if the groom is into botany, going to see a florist and learn how to shape sola wood flowers and bouquets might be a great activity.

Should You Go to Strip Clubs?

It is quite a tricky question to answer without knowing the groom and the bride. They might have different agreements on what the other side can/cannot do before it is considered cheating. So, if you want to treat the groom with his last lap dance, be certain that the bride would not get mad if she found out this fact. So, the strip club might be a perfect location for liberal people. If the groom is conservative and religious, don't make him feel uncomfortable by bringing him to the strip club against his will.

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