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February 16, 2020 2 min read

As a couple, you will have to make a lot of decisions when planning your wedding. Every detail, from picking the most beautiful sola wood wedding flowers to choosing the right venue, matters. However, there is one area in particular that you should worry about. No matter how much you love dancing, you will still have to step up in front of all the guests and show them your skills during your first dance. To some, it might be even more stressful than delivering a wedding speech. That said, there are a few tips that will help you prepare for the first dance and make it perfect.

Pick the Right Song

The only obvious restriction when picking the first dance song is that it would be about love. Make sure to choose a song that has a deeper meaning to you and your partner as your first dance will most likely be one of the highlights of your life.

Also, remember that you should pick a song that would stay relevant throughout the years. After all, people forget all the trendy songs very fast, but the classics stay. So, try to pick a song that wouldn't embarrass your grandkids (if that is possible).


None of us are born perfect. If you are not a dancer, you might want to practice your first dance routine way before the wedding day. Normally, couples spend at least three months of intense preparation if they want to perfect the routine. You wouldn't want to forget the move or drop your partner on the ground in front of all the guests, would you? So, start practicing right after your engagement to save yourself from trouble.


We suggest hiring a choreographer and dancing teacher to help you out with the routine. After all, a professional with years of experience will definitely be able to make your first dance much more elegant and stunning. So, just like you are hiring a baker to bake your wedding cake or florist to shape your wooden wedding bouquets, you should also hire a choreographer to assist you with your first dance.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Make sure to change your shoes before your first dance, especially if you are wearing high heels at your wedding ceremony. This tip is essential if it is a contemporary routine, as it would be way too hard to fly around the stage with uncomfortable shoes. If you are having a modern themed wedding, you might even consider dancing barefoot.

Enjoy the Moment

You will only get one chance at your first dance, so make sure to enjoy the moment. It doesn't matter if you make a couple of mistakes, or your aunt doesn't understand your song choice as long as you are having fun. Of course, every guest at the wedding matters, but it is your day, so make yourself (and your partner) the priority.

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